Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Haboob

 Photo credit - me

Yesterday we had the most amazing dust storm.  In all of my 18 ears of living in AZ I have never heard it called a Haboob but I am loving all the drama the news people are throwing out there.  We get dust storms every summer during the monsoons.  I will admit that this is the biggest and most dramatic one I have ever seen.

I was going to run to Michael's so I told the kids to get out of the pool and I would be right back.  I was backing out of my driveway, looked left then right, saw the dust storm coming, pulled back into my driveway and ran in the house yelling at the kids to get everything out of the pool area.  Usually with these dust storms there is major wind and rain that follows and you lose things like pool floaties, umbrellas, cousions and even trampolines.  Yes, trampolines have been known to fly away never to be seen again.

Once we were all safe and sound inside the house we watched it move very quickly over our house.  The thing about this storm that was different than the others was how fast it moved in and how dense the dust was.  As soon as it was over our house it went pitch black, blacker than midnight.  There were no street lights or moon to give  us any light.  We shut off all the lights in the house so we could watch it.  Another thing that was different was how quiet and eerie it got.  Silence.  No wind, no birds, no sound at all for the first little while.  Weird.  I think I freaked the girls out with my yelling when I first came home and it set the tone for the rest of the night.  Ooops.  I need to remember to not make such a big deal about our stuff flying away (wink).

I also think it was because their Dad wasn't home and they were worried that he was in the dust storm.  He actually was playing water polo with a bunch of guys about a mile away and they just kept on playing through the whole thing!  See what I mean about these things being kind of normal events around here.

I was watching the news and realized that those news anchors sure are dramatic when it comes to storms.  I mean it was amazing, bigger than I have ever seen and there was power outages and trees down but they sure made it seem like were weren't going to have a city left after it passed through.  I think I will remember that next time I am watching an earthquake or tornado or flooding.  I know they are bad but maybe I will just step it down a notch from what the news people are reporting.

Want to see a time lapse video of the storm coming in?  Click HERE 

**update** I went out to water my flowers today and the poor things were completely covered with a thick layer of dirt along with everything else.  I can't believe how much dust is still just sitting in our air.  It looks like morning fog all day! (and we don't have fog in the desert!)


robin said...

so crazy! i asked scott about it and he said the same thing... "these things happen all the time."

it does sound kinda eerie though!

Jenifer said...

Megan was a little worried during it as well. So she made sure to lock the back door to keep us safe. :) I was sitting next to a window reading and didn't even notice it! Megan pointed it out to me. Pretty cool!

*katie said...

Super crazy! It's the end of the world!! ;)