Sunday, August 14, 2011

12 on the 12th August

1. The girls getting back-to-school haircuts.
2.  Sara the little darling.
3.  Sidewalk chalk.  The perfect summer activity-if you live anywhere but here.
4.  Bowling as a family.  So much fun!
5.  Abby and Flower the Cat.  She sure puts up with a lot!
6.  Yummy watermelon.  The perfect summer treat when you DO live here!
7.  Cole's baptism pictures.
8.  Self portrait with my new bangs.
9.  Clouds - my favorite.
10. Cassidy's new glasses.
11. Yes, it's that hot!  Hence the no sidewalk chalk and why we eat a lot of cold watermelon.
12. Pulling an all nighter playing canasta. 

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