Friday, August 12, 2011

Week in a Glance

What a busy week! Since I'm so behind I will do a mini run-down of what's been going on around here:

Sunday: My brother Joey and his family came over.  I was editing pictures I had taken of his 3 yr. old and somehow deleted them ALL!  Yes, I said...all the pictures of the photoshoot are GONE.  I freaked out, got very hysterical, tried to fix it, made it worse, made everyone uncomfortable to be around me, cried my eyes out and was a complete mess.  Then:  Cassidy was cutting an apple on the island in the kitchen and somehow (even I don't know because I saw the whole thing) the glass cake topper slid off the cake stand and bounced off the island onto the floor.  Who knew glass could shatter like that?  I'm talking large chunks of glass all the way down to fine dust.  We were sweeping, vacuuming and mopping up glass in four different rooms for a good hour.  This did not help my hysteria.

Monday:  We had had family in town the previous (entire) week so Monday was our only day to finish up school shopping, haircuts, eye appointment, and get everything we needed for Tom's birthday.  The girls wanted to surprise him with a bowling cake so we went to five - 5 - cinco stores trying to find bowling pin candles.  No luck.  We did find something that worked after the 5th store then had to go to meet the teacher (Cassidy) and by that point I was d.o.n.e.

Tuesday:  Tom's birthday.  We surprised him with presents, lunch at his favorite place and bowling.  Just us.  No one else but our little family.  It was perfect.  After bowling we rushed home, had cake that the girls were so excited about, ran Abby to piano lessons, came home, picked up the rest of the family, ran to meet the teacher (Abby) came home and Tom went for his massage (my gift to him).

Wednesday:  School started!  Everyone was happy and we got everyone up, ready and out the door on time - if not early with smiles on their faces.  To be honest I can't remember anything I did that day except felt complete guilt for not walking Abby into school on the first day.  Seriously what was I thinking?  It was her first day going to school alone without her big sister (which she reminded me BTW) and I  I stink!

Thursday:  I walked Abby into school on the second day.  I was the only Mother there and the teacher asked me if I needed anything.  Ha!  Nope, just making up for the "failure as a mother" award I had gotten on the previous day.  I then went to a planning meeting for a huge activity we are doing for the 8-11 year old girls in our church (Stake Activity Days), and the highlight of the day was going to see The Help with some girls in my ward (at church).  Oh my was it amazing.  I laughed, I cried, I thought about it all day long.  Go see it.  After the movie I came home worked on a few last minute things for R.S. Enrichment night then went to pick up Abby at the bus stop.  The bus was 45 min. late dropping her off.  There was a traffic jam and from where I was parked I could look across the alfalfa field about a mile and see the bus just sitting there for 30+ minutes!  Very frustrating I might add.  When we finally got my poor hot, tired baby from the bus I had to rush home, pack up and head down to the church to set up for out activity.  Remember this?  It turned out amazing!  The teachers who taught the classes did a fantastic job, the women who helped with our Humanitarian project finished the entire thing which will make our local hospital so happy.  The treats were yummy and everyone had a great time.

When I write out the highlights of our week like that and I reflect back on everything I did it makes me so thankful that I can do all those things and that I have such a sweet family, a wonderful ward family and good friends to do all those things with.  My life is full and rich with all that I have and I am one lucky girl.


AZ Smurfette said...

Crazy! Did you get your 1st day of school pics?

Webb Family said...

I love your blog! Always so fun to read.