Friday, October 7, 2011


I was at Wally-World and saw the most amazing pumpkins!  
I wish I would have taken a picture with my non-retro-camera so you could see more detail.  
Seriously, I wanted to buy every last one.  They were so funky and cool!

The limes are ready on my tree.  The girls and I picked a whole bunch and made Tom two key lime pies.  One was a no bake and one was baked.  We had a taste-off and the winner?  The baked pie with real whipped cream.  Both pies were gone in two days. Remember a previous post where Abby said,
"I'm not a fan of key lime"?  Well that means both pies were eaten by three people.  Sheesh! 
I guess we are pigs around here! (they were both really good could we help ourselves?)

I went to the dentist for the first time in years.  I'm a bad girl.  
We have a new dentist which is fabulous and his high tech equipment made my experience delightful.  
No gagging, no scrapping, no hurt gums and on the teeth whitening!  The girl was laughing at me that I wanted to take a picture of my x-ray so I told her about insta-friday of course!  

We can't have Club Project with out spray paint.  
This month was at Paige's and her pool furniture got a fresh new coat of red paint.  

My beloved car hit 100,000 miles on the way to school this week. 
I took this while driving which freaked Abby out but hey, it just had to be done.  

I work at Abby's school one day a week and get to have lunch with her and her friends.  
Third grade is so fun and some of those kids have some pretty creative lunches! 
I take note each week to get ideas.  Call me the lunch box spy.

I miss my cute little old town where this was the norm instead of the rarity.  (I still live in said town)
Our town has grown so much over the past ten years that the farming and dairies have turned into malls and restaurants.  It's sad but handy at the same time.  This picture was taken the other day when I stopped into Circle K for a Diet Dr. Pepper.  The tractor was so expertly parked I just had to take a picture.  
I saw the cowbow driver coming out when I was coming in and told him I loved his tractor and took a picture.  He said, "thanks Mam".  See?  I miss the old town with the mams and the tractors.....sigh.

For my brothers birthday we had strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and fresh peach shortcake and I have been craving more ever since.  The plates are for the adults and the little cups are for the kiddos. Yum!

I'm linking up with life rearranged.....go check out all the other fun insta-friday pics over at her blog. 

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Casa De Luna said...

In my family when a car breaks 100,000 it's a big deal. It's an even bigger deal when you hit the 200,000 mark. I sent my sister a greeting card when her old car made it that far. So....congrats! It looks like you had a great week : )