Friday, January 13, 2012

InstaFriday Pics

I have a few pictures on my phone from the past month I thought I'd share.  Then I will get back on board with posting phone pictures on Fridays with Life Rearranged called instafriday.  Love how it gets those pictures seen!

For my birthday Tom and the girls surprised me with dinner to Kona Grill (yum!) and a play at our local theater.  Annie!  So cute.  The cast was amazing and Abby was in love with the whole thing.  I can see her being in drama.  I mean who as an 8 year old asks for Wicked tickets for a Christmas present?

Abby's new thing is that she likes the covers tucked in tight so they don't fall off.  Here she is asleep.
I tell her she's "snug as a bug in a rug" and she is!  Look at her!

After our family Christmas dinner I went into the pantry to find this.  It's an upside-down can of green beans in a large roll of butcher paper.  I thought, "how in the world?" and then I knew....Harley (my nephew).  He's fascinated by my pantry and this had his name all over it.  He had taken cans that fit perfectly by the way and filled that roll of paper.  Clever little guy.

I am soooo going to do this!  I went into a restaurant's bathroom and this is what was by the toilet.  Every single time I go into my girls bathroom there are clothes on the floor (no matter what I threaten) and there is no toilet paper!  Drives me batty.  Well from now on I'm going to have a basket of t.p. in a cute basket for them but mostly form me.  I'm not sure what to do about the clothes though.......any ideas?

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