Monday, February 27, 2012

Garden Envy

The picture above made me get off my duff, go out in my backyard and plant my garden and flower pots.  It's been amazing weather here in sunny AZ which should be taken full advantage of by moi.  Please go visit Velvet and Linen's blog (via that link) and see what she did to her backyard (that was a full lawn) to make this amazing garden.  Those Californians know how to do gardens!  If my kids were older and we had more room I would probably do the same thing.  For now I will have to make due with my small but highly functional kitchen garden that is producing plenty of veggies for us (but just isn't near as pretty as hers).

The girls and I spent all Friday replacing the soil in our patio pots and planting new flowers.  Our pool area and patio are now in full bloom thanks to Cassidy and her amazing ability to pick out color matching flowers.  She fell in love with some tiny succulents at Lowe's and just had to have them.  Then she promptly planted them and drowned them in a ton of water.  Hopefully they will live to see next week. (??? I think I saved them but who knows)

After seeing the garden above and looking at every single garden post she has on her blog it made me want to re-do my entire backyard.  We need more green ground-cover, flowers and maybe another small tree.  Apple?  Peach?  I wouldn't mind ripping out the tiny palm tree for an apple tree.  My apple tree friend moved and now what am I to do?  I might even plant the strawberries in the front yard as a ground cover.  Strawberries are good like that.

I will be posting picture of our garden soon.  Here's what we planted:

romaine lettuce
red & green leaf lettuce (from seed)
spinach (for our smoothies)
green onions (from seed)
marigolds (to keep the bugs away)
2 roma tomato plants
1 yellow tomato plant
basil (from seed)
1 zucchini
1 yellow crook neck squash
2 bell pepper plants (they survived the winter so I cut them way back to give them a fresh start)
4 strawberry plants

We also have 1 carrot growing.  I don't know where it came from-I have never planted carrots but hey, there's nothing wrong with free food.  We will also be growing an obscene amount of GIANT sunflowers because the garden is full of seeds from last years sunflower 'trees' the girls grew.

Love this picture - the birds ate the seeds out of our sunflower in the shape of a ♥

These sunflowers were quite massive but gave a nice amount of shade 
to the garden during the hot desert summer.

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