Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lassoing a Fly


Tonight I went to Kurt's house for our final weigh in for the weight loss challenge.  I didn't win BTW.  He and I were entertaining the kids while everyone else was weighing in.  We sang some songs, told a funny story then I remembered about my three brothers favorite pastime as kids.  
Lassoing flies.  
Gross you say? 
Why yes it is.....but kinda fun too.
Here's how it works: 

You catch a fly.
You put said fly in freezer for about 3 minutes.
You want them cold and stunned not dead.
You take them out of the freezer and tie a piece of thread to it's leg.
You wait.
When the fly comes back to it's senses it starts flying around in circles like on a leash.
Good times people, good times.

The best part was watching Kurt teach his oldest Garrett (8 yrs) how to do it and the excitement on their faces. Classic!

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