Wednesday, June 20, 2012

100 Things Re-cap

Remember THIS post about getting rid on 100 things from Crystal B? Well last week I spent a few days cleaning out the girls rooms and organizing the bookcases.  Purging like crazy.  Actually Miss Abby de-junked her room and closet all by herself.  Scary thought since I didn't know what she was purging and she's 8 years old.

SIX black garbage bags later and a pile of odds and ends that were too big or bulky to go into a bag and I told the hubs to go load it in the car.  Our office was a mess!  As he was loading, the girls said, "Hey! Let's have a garage sale!"  Ummmmm no.  I was NOT up for a garage sale.  I've been sick and have had hives and the thought of sitting outside in the heat for hours was not appealing one bit.  The hubs came through and told the girls he would help but they had to do most of the work.  Saturday morning came bright, early and hot but they were excited and ready for the challenge.

Three hours later the girls had sold most of the stuff and made.......are you ready?


Split two ways=


I'd say that is pretty good for two kids and a bunch of junk!

(Sadly, I didn't get one picture!)

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crystal b. said...

Way to go! I am still purging. You should see the pile of stuff I have ready for Good Will. Our garage sale paid for my sons eagle probject. Oh the blessings of de junking