Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Free Sonic


Did you know that you can get a FREE Sonic Route 44oz drink
 if you get this on the bottom of your receipt? 
(Just go online, fill out a quick survey and get a code.)

Don't throw them's  FREE  money people.  
We all know that you have many excuses to NOT go get your soda fix every now and then 
but lets be honest,  

it's gonna happen.

Here's why:
It's hot!
You're grumpy.
Sonic ice.
It's very hot!
The kids want a treat.
There's so many drink possibilities!
My fav- Diet Dr. Pepper w/ Vanilla
It's blasted hot and you wish you could bathe in the sonic ice.

So, even though we all want to cut back or quit our soda habit if you have to go get one.....
get it for FREE.
The End


Michelle said...

Jealous! I'm a Coke Zero with real Cherries girl. When the heat index soars Sonic calls. So, whats the plan for your summer with the girls? Pool, pool and pool. Us too!

Lolly Jane said...


PS: I am a Diet Coke with Vanilla girl ;)