Monday, June 25, 2012

How to Make an Ottoman

The Girls over at LollyJane came over the other day and next thing I knew 
their camera was out and they were taking pictures of my house!  
Good thing it was clean. (eeek)
It's OK because I have known then since they were teenagers.
 (gasp! Does that make me old?)
Thanks Kelli & Kristi & Sandee for the fun day. 
Because of you and all the requests on your blog here is my Ottoman Tutorial for you to share.

To see their post click HERE

Ottoman Tutorial
 I needed an ottoman in my sitting room to go with my room re-do. 
 I wanted an updated "Cottage" look that wasn't shabby chic.  
I was soooo over shabby chic.  
Originally I bough a beautiful solid pink and a floral to do the pillows and ottoman. 
 I promise it wasn't shabby chic more cottage chic.  The picture below was my inspiration page.

 I brought the plain pink and floral fabric home and showed the Hubs. 
 Bad. Idea.  
He was not thrilled with having a PINK room especially right when you walk in the front door.  
I can understand.  He is the only guy in this house filled with girls. 
 I don't blame him.  I went back to Pinterest to find new inspiration.  
This is what I found on Boxwood Terrace .

After deciding on yellow I saw it everywhere.  
It was really easy to come up with ideas.
Then I found this ottoman on Dear Lilly
which was perfect!

I'm a really good copier that puts my own style on things.

Anyhoo, that is how I came up with my ottoman idea. 
 Now to implement. 
 I couldn't find an ottoman that I liked so I got creative. 
I measured the area I needed the ottoman to be.
I went to Home Depot and had them cut a piece of plywood for me.
Did you know they can do that?  
Love it and have used them many, many times.
Then I had the Hubs put feet onto the piece of plywood.
He used wood glue and some nails.

 Daughter #1 wasn't helping her Dad any by being obnoxious.

 Do you love that the Hubs is in his suit?
  That's normal around here.

 After the feet were on and the wood glue was dry (about 24 hours) I used spray adhesive to attach a thick piece of foam that I had cut to the exact measurements at a local fabric/flooring store.  I'm sorry I don't have a picture of the foam.  I covered it up too quick before snapping a shot of it.
I then used a white piece of sturdy fabric ($.99 a yard at the $5 fabric store) to cover and attach the foam to the board.  A few staples later and the ottoman was almost done.

There is no right or wrong way to attach the fabric.  i wasn't worried about making it look nice because I knew I was going to be covering it up with my slipcover.

It's functional - not perfect.  That's how I roll over here.

The slipcover was made by my friends mom Michelle.  
She was here visiting her daughter and took pity on us after seeing that we were in no way 
going to be able to figure out how to make the slipcover work.  
She put her mad sewing skills to work and whipped up this little beauty for me. 
 Believe me when I say I am so thankful for her.  
If I would have finished making this slipcover it would not have turned out this good
 I mean, I can sew but...........not that good!

The best part about the ottoman, it's soft when you sit or rest your feet on it 
and the slipcover comes off easily to wash it.  
Same with the couch. 
 It may be a white couch but it's so easy to throw in the washer to keep it clean. 

So there you have it.  Kelli & Kristi - Hope you liked the little how to. ♥

to see more pictures of the before and after of this room.

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Lolly Jane said...

Yay for a tutorial! LOVE this! Your house is adorable, we're so happy you let us lurk about!!

The Twins

Good Time Charlie said...

This looks amazing!!! I can totally do this! I love that your husband is in his suit. This is me in my "nice clothes" about to be added to my ever expanding paint wardrobe. I have been wanting to make one of these forever, and this is incredibly doable! Thank you so much for sharing. Came here via Loly Twins on Twitter.

Pinning this so I don't forget!

PS I do a big link party every Thursday afternoon to Sunday at midnight. I would LOVE if you dropped by to link this up, such a fabulous and easy tutorial to follow. Thanks!

Kass said...

Darling! You are my crafty, stylish, decor hero! Miss ya.

Jenni Swenson said...

This is soooo cute.. was just thinking about how to do that. You saved the day. I have 3 daughters too...

robin said...

that is seriously the cutest! way to go! i love it love it love it!