Friday, April 13, 2007

Fun Friday Re-Capped

I don't know how I am going to capture Fun Friday today. It was all just too funny! That is why I am sitting down right here and now so I don't forget and can relay as much as possible.

Mindy meeting me on the freeway so we can take my car in to be looked at. Weird lights coming on and the alignment needed some major help. Yes, I said on the freeway. And our timing was perfect!! I got to the on ramp just as she did and off we went! It was amazing!

Dropped the kids off at the park for pre-school. Not the regular day, but it was beautiful outside and Miss Pam couldn't have planned it better. They of course were very excited and I sent with them a HUGE sack lunch to share. Good thing I had just been to Costco!
Mindy and I went early to Lelands (our back-cracker dude) hoping to get in early. Didn't happen. We had to wait, but got to sit and look at Cosmo, Vogue, and Glamour. That was fun and we decided that we needed a cute pair of RED shoes. It's the hottest thing right now apparently. You don't even have to wear red to were the red shoes! I'll be on the look out for sure.
We stopped at XO Nails to get our toes done before we had to pick up the kids. We thought we would be doing this after lunch with Monica, but her and Michelle decided that they would get their toes done without us in the morning! It's O.K. girls, I forgive you. This worked out better anyway because we didn't have the little darlings! XO Nails are not near as good as San Tan Nails. I'm not going back there, that's for sure. Besides I ruined my toes............yep, read on!

Mindy and I met Monica and Michelle for lunch at Gecko Grill. Yummy Mexican food. I had the Fiesta Chicken Taco Salad, thanks to Michelle. It was delicious! Since I am getting fat due to watching 24 and snacking, I thought a salad would help my cause!
Michelle took pictures of Monica, Mindy and I with our matching purses. Yes we are dorks, and yes this was my idea. I had to do it before we changed purses. While Michelle was taking our picture, Cole and Abby went to the car. Well, we thought they went to the car. Cole decided to run out into the parking lot and hang out while all the cars were trying not to hit him. Ooops! Mindy put the kids in the car, and then we tried again for a picture. (Can you tell this was important to me? I risked Cole's life for a cute picture!) They are Dolce and Cabbana from NYC.
Mindy left to go work in Bree's class, Michelle left to go talk to the Principle about some naughty boy at Rylie's school, and Monica and I headed off to Ulta and Old Navy. Abby of course had lots of fun filling up her basket with every shade of lip gloss and nail polish. I had to put my shoes on because I wasn't going to wear the free flip-flops they gave me at the nail place. I had my toes all squished up in my shoes so my new polish job wouldn't get ruined, and they got ruined anyway! AAAHHHH!! I hate that. We went over to look at the nail polish to see if I could find the same color and just fix it at home. I was testing colors and found one pretty close when somehow I just started applying it to my toes. (hmm..Monica?) While I am trying to fix my squished toenail polish - discreetly - and this is hard because I can't reach my toes very well - My big fat purse bumped into the display behind me and CRASH!!!! A light pink - pepto-bismo colored nail polish CRASHED to the floor!!! And Abby was no where in sight! I couldn't put the blame on her- darn it! When It broke, it splattered all over the floor, all over my leg, up my pants and down my foot. The glass even cut my ankle. Then I had to put my shoe on so they wouldn't notice my bare foot with wet polish on it! So when I put my foot in the shoe, it ruined my polish totally, got pink polish all over the back of my shoe and gave my big toe a cramp because I was trying to not ruin the polish. See what happens when you're up to no good. Monica was laughing and said we were Lucy and Ethel and starring in our own show. Ha - Ha funny! (I'm so mad I didn't take a picture of this hilarious event!) After we helped clean up the mess, we paid for our new makeup and off we went to ruin another store. Just kidding, that was the only disaster of the day, if you can believe it.
So all in all, it was a fun day. When I came out of Old Navy I saw 4 older women coming out of Kirkland Home carrying their bags and laughing. They looked like they were having so
much fun - with their friends, new goodies in their bags and pushing all their daily cares aside for some fun. That's what I love about Fun Friday. It's a chance to be with friends, have some fun, motivate you to get all your jobs done through out the week, and shop, shop, shop! Isn't that what being a girl is all about? I hope Fun Friday goes on for years and years. Thanks for the fun day!
Brooke, we missed you! Anyone wanting to come and join us on Fun Friday, please feel free.
The more the merrier and we want to share the fun!

So girls, when we're 70 what will Fun Friday consist of?
What has been the craziest Fun Friday episode to date?


Brooke said...

I am so sad I missed all the fun! And, your story totally cracked me up. I thought it was going to be something Abby did not you!

Crazymamaof6 said...

Cara! it was so nice to meet you in person! bummer about your pedi! Sounds like it was a "crazy good time"!