Thursday, March 11, 2010

Chores Galore - Chore Chart

I have come up with a chore routine that is finally working!  I can't tell you how happy I am.  And when Mama is happy - everyone is happy!  I was in desperate need of something to keep this house in order.  Since I am now working in the mornings I lose valuable cleaning and organizing time and was feeling very out of sorts.  I needed more help with less complaining and guilt.  

I searched the internet for the perfect job charts.  I looked in all my old blog archives for ideas.  I couldn't find anything that was just right for us.  So I took ideas from a few different places and made up my own.  Here's what I did:  

My kids - and I love lists.  I can give them each a list and send them on their way.  I don't need to be constantly after them and they know exactly what to do.  OK this is in a perfect world, but it's mostly true.  They just needed a more detailed list so I made two 3x5 cards for each room.  One that says "Daily" and one that says "weekly"  On the card I list exactly what needs to be done in that room.  Example:
Bedroom - Daily
make bed - morning
fold pajamas and put away - morning
pick up clothes and toys
straighten shoes in closet
take care of books and homework
make sure all surfaces are clean - desk, dresser, nightstand
turn off lights (no one turns off any lights around here)

Bedroom - Weekly
wash sheets
empty trash
straighten closet and drawers
wipe down dresser, desk and nightstands
clean mirrors

I did this for each room of the house both daily and weekly
Front Room
Family Room
Garage - this is a weekly chore only
Flower the Cat - this is a weekly chore

Everyday I layout on the counter their jobs after school.  
I give them each two or three cards. 
I also give them the daily card that says:
homework, read for 20 minutes and 
for Abby it says practice piano and
for Cassidy it says practice spelling. 
When they first saw the cards they flipped out.  "I have to do ALL THIS?!"
After I explained that is what they do anyway when they clean the bathroom etc and it should only take them 5-10 minutes they weren't mad anymore.  I love how the cards are teaching them to clean effectively and efficiently without me harping on them.  I have a bad habit of adding more and more and more onto the job list.  This helps me stay focused  and teaches them to be quick and do it right. 

Are we perfect?  No. 
Is it working?  Yes.  
Do they still complain?  Sometimes.  

But.........we are getting to play more because I don't feel like the house isn't in order and we are working now as a "team" instead of me being the "maid" and if that isn't something positive I don't know what is.  

There's hope for us yet♥

What's your chore routine?  Is it working?


Cara said...
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Mardi said...

Thank you for the detailed list. I need to see that to help me focus on the things I need to work on in my house. It looks like a bomb went off inside most days.....

Webb Family said...

You pretty much know what my kiddos do and it works for our family. But, I loved the cards you made for yourself & I need to do the same. Thanks for the great idea!
Also, I need to be better at having Carter & Kennedi do their chores:)

Dancin Queen said...


Hee hee--I love that you included yourself in the chore chart. Where's your husband's chores? ;)

Crustacean Queen said...

Wow, I have been trying to come up with a better chore system in our home....seriously it's on my to do list! "re-figure chore chart" I think I might be able to cross that one off soon, thanks to you. What a great idea. I'll let you know if it works for us!

Sarah said...

I just revamped our chores too...the kids were getting bored (and cheating!) when I just posted them on the fridge...and I did almost the same thing as you. I printed out packets of chores with DETAILED information on what they needed to do in each room. No more, "but when you said vacuum, I thought that just meant vacuum I didn't know you meant the WHOLE room!" stuff. We divided up the cards into equal, fair packs and I hole punched them and put a little metal binder circle thingy around each packet. It's worked always helps to keep it fresh.

Anny said...

We have very detailed lists too. Our weekly chores are on Friday and the kids know they cannot do anything fun until their jobs are done! It takes a lot of stress off of me. Now I just have to do my own chores without complaining :) Great method, I say whatever works!

Kass said...

That looks fabulous, Cara! Love it. I'm always up for new organizing tips. And yes Anny-if only I can keep my cards straight...