Friday, January 14, 2011

How to Make a Dutch Door

I have always wanted a dutch door.  If you read this blog regularly you know I love all things houses and not only that - all things unique and different that make a house your home.  When we bought this house it was supposed to be a 2 year deal then we would build our dream house.  We also at the time were building Tom's new office and couldn't build an office and a house at the same time and stay sane.  So we moved into this house and for the last 5 years I have been thinking we would move soon.  Soon has never come, the real estate market is the pits and honestly I feel lucky to have this house that is just the right size, just the right payment, and just right for us.  I may never get my "dream house" so I'm bound and determined to make this house a dream♥

For Christmas my BIL - Mike and my husband turned my front door into a dutch door.  After searching out all the options, looking for a used one (no such luck in AZ) and not wanting to spend a fortune they decided to use the door we had and make it work.

1st Step - cut the metal (yes metal) door in half add a hinge so there are two on the top and two on the bottom and hope it works.
Now don't judge me and my crooked sign above the door.  I have since hot glued it up there because that darn sign just didn't want to stay put no matter what I did! Also, I get asked a lot about my floors.  
They are ceramic tile that looks like wood.  I love them more than life it's self (JK) because they are a breeze to keep clean and give me the look of wood without every having to worry about them. 

OK sorry, I am getting distracted....So they cut the door leaving about an inch of space because I wanted a ledge in between the door.  Since it was a metal door and has a foam core Mike had to hollow out a section and retro fit a 1x1 piece of wood down inside that space so he could attach the ledge. 

See?  Now we have room and something to attach the ledge to.  This is a picture of the door pre-ledge.  Don't worry about those screws....they are going to cover them up with a nice piece of moulding.

Then we got a piece of 1x4 and had to custom fit it onto the door for the ledge.  
The edges were rounded so the door could open and close and I think they used a jig saw and a sander for this.  The holes were filled with wood putty and some trim was added to finish it off.
They added trim to the outside and inside of both the top and bottom of the door. 
They also added extra weatherstripping and hardware - lock and bolt.  
 By this time it was getting pretty late.  I think it took a total of two days of Mike working on it after he was done with his own work. 
The hardest part was having very little directions on how to make a dutch door.  We had to kind of wing it as we went along.  Thankfully it turned out great and I couldn't be happier!  Some caulking and paint and it will be perfect!

 Just want I have wished for!  
Thanks Tom and Mike. 
It's perfect!♥♥ xoxo

would love your comments and links if you have a dutch door or love this one♥

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Webb Family said...

I love it you lucky girl!!
I would love to have one but over here I could never keep it open because of the flies.

Crissybug said...

Oh my gosh Cara! I LOVE this! I bet you are beyond thrilled with the outcome! I know your kiddos are little anymore, but this would be perfect for me. I wouldn't have to worry about my little ones running out when I answer the door. I may have to show this to my hubby, and put this on my 'someday' list.

Christi said...

Don't you love having a hubby that can do just about anything? I LOVE the door!!

Megan said...

holy cow, I LOVE IT!!!
And I love your floors!

Anny said...

Amazing! I love it and it fits you perfectly!

Jen Hilton said...

I love it in the black!

uniquelynat said...

LOVE it! what a talented husband and b-i-l you have! i am so glad that you are in love with it!!!

AZ Smurfette said...

SOOO fabulous!!! YOU are fabluous!! :) If you didn't add the shelf, you could have a mail slot, HA! I love that you said make your house a dream! ;) xo

Shelly said...

love love love it! Nice work!

Barbe @ Beez Rental Designs said...

What a fantastic idea! I found your post through Lolly Jane. I grew up with a dutch door and seeing yours brings back happy childhood memories! I've always wanted one but was always afraid of security factor, things aren't like they were when I was a girl in the 50's and 60's! Once I did have one in a rental that had a door that closed off the mudroom from the kitchen. Since the mudroom had a metal security door, I replaced the door to the kitchen with a dutch door I found on the side of the ride next to a home being remodeled. They had no idea what they were throwing out! lol It was old but still sturdy so added a bright red paint to go with my cow decor! Thanks so much for sharing. : )

Katie said...

Cara, i just discovered your blog, from the Payne sisters. I LOVE this door, what a great & cute alternative to a security door too!

mandi said...

I was wondering how you finished the bottom of the top half of the door where you cut it... thanks! =)

vivalaleta said...

Beautiful. I love what you did here.
We too have a metal door we want to make dutch but ours has a large window and we are unsure how to proceed. May I ask what kind of saw Mike used to separate the two pieces? How was the gap in between created?
Thanks, Leta

Skaie(sky) said...

Love this, Cara! We are looking to do the exact same thing, but with a solid wood door. I'm assuming your hubby took the door off to cut it in half, yes? Also, with the ledge, how did you fully seal it from any air coming through? I'd love to have a ledge like yours, but am worried about this part of the install.

Thanks again for this post! Wish us luck!!!

Blaze Scott said...

Hey just ran across your post about dutch doors. love it! great job! I am so sorry to hear about your husband. praying he recovers quickly. wonderful blog too! I am in Az too and thought id throw out a cottage for sale in cottonwood az (right out side of sedona) that some of your followers might be interested in. super cute two bedroom with big cool grassy yard and lots of country charm!

Davidjohn said...

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Rebecca Johnson said...

How can I pin this on Pinterest I am going to try it but don’t want to lose it.

Colleen M. said...

Growing up both my family and my grandparents always had dogs. My grandfather turned every solid wood core door in the house into Dutch doors, so in warmer weather we could have the Tops open and not worry about the dogs busting screens. It works great too, to contain the dogs when someone stops by (pizza delivery, paper boy, etc...). Luckily, for whatever reason I took note as to how he did it when I was a little girl. Now I have my own home with 3 exterior doors and 3 dogs. I’m planning on making all my doors into Dutch doors!