Monday, January 8, 2007

101 Things that Make Myself Me

1. I love the color green. Any and all shades.
2. I love drinking herb tea in the winter. I wish I could drink it all year but it gets too hot in AZ.
3. I would rather watch T.V. in bed than in the family room.
4. I wish I could exercise like Lisa and Mindy. I think I would like my pitiful body better.
5. I’m pretty sure we are done having kids. But never say never!
6. I love fruit and vegetables I just hate to prepare them for eating. My favorite fruit – gala apple, favorite vegetable – green bell pepper. Plus, I love anything with lime squeezed on it
7. I miss dinner group!!!!

8. I don’t like to eat if I’m alone. Even snacking.
9. I don’t like dogs.
10. I have an inner creative side that has been untouched for awhile but is ready to be set free.
11. My favorite songs these days are from Radio Disney. (sad but true! That’s what happens when you have kids I guess!)
12. I don’t have the vision for visiting teaching, but have a goal this year to change.
13. I love to drink water, I’ll drink it all day. But when we go out to eat, I have to have a diet coke. Yet I don’t drink diet coke at home.
14. I’m allergic to milk, almonds and kidney beans. I’m thankful that Mindy and Monica are allergic too because it makes for great discussion!
15. I have to give myself a shot every night before bed. I dread and hate it! I also take 14 pills a day just to keep this old body moving.
16. I have three super great brothers, Matt, Kurt and Joey.

17. I don’t like red meat. My choice of meat would be chicken and salmon.
18. I love every flower on this planet. My favorites would be…..roses, tulips, daffodils, pansies, forget-me-nots, hydrangeas, runiculas, peony’s, daisy’s, lavender, and any pink or purple or white flower I might have forgotten. 19. I swam with a Dolphin named Jack. It was a magical experience!
20. I love fog. For my birthday this year I woke up to real true to the ground dense FOG! It was fabulous!! Tom said it was a gift from my parents to remind me of home in CA. 21. I love a treat with a crunch. A cookie, Twix bar or toffee.
22. I don’t like ice cream.
23. I don’t like popcorn, even though I make it every night for my family.
24. I love the heat. I would rather be hot than cold. Good thing I live in the desert.
25. I am learning to play the piano with Cassidy. Thanks Amy T!
26. I love clouds. I always am mesmerized with clouds. When I was little I would lie on the grass and watch them for hours. We don’t get clouds here very often so when we do I take notice. My kids and I watch them and talk about what they look like and how they look good enough to eat or sit on. Clouds are so FUN!

27. I am a procrastinator.
28. I’m not good at thinking ahead and planning for future events. Thanksgiving and Christmas are always planned last minuet. Although, this year I was much better at getting everything organized for the holidays.
29. I love to shop. I love to go into any store and look at everything. I am happy to just look and not buy. In fact I like looking better than buying!
30. I love to collect old books. My great aunt Dee Dee gave my Dad (who gave to me) a lot of her old books. Some from the 1800’s early 1900’s. I love looking at them and reading them and thinking about who has read this book before me? 31. I love to read. I have grown up in a family who reads. Tom likes to read and our favorite date is to go to the bookstore and get piles of books, find a cozy chair and read. I hope my girls will find the love of reading. (Right now Cassidy doesn’t have it)
32. I have to sleep on the left side of the bed. I also have to sleep with three pillows. No more, no less.
33. I love magazines. My new favorite is Real Simple. At one point I had subscriptions to 7 different magazines. However that’s when I had no car and was stuck at home. HGTV and magazines were all I had!!!
34. I hate getting the mail.
35. I love Christmas cards with pictures in them.
36. I hate getting ready for the day. I wish I could stay in my P.J.’s all day!
37. I love to clean and organize. I wish my kids did too. It sure would make my life a lot simpler.
38. I hate to unload the dishwasher. I will clean the whole kitchen; put all the dirty dishes in one side of the sink filled with soapy water and walk away calling it clean. I don’t know why I have this phobia of the dishwasher but I do. My dad always did the dishes growing up and when he lived with us he knew I hated it so he would get up every morning and unload it for me. He was the greatest dad ever!! Cassidy’s new after school job is unloading the dishwasher (as of Monday). I’m so excited!!!
39. I need to loose 10 pounds.
40. I love getting pedicures. I also love getting my eyebrows waxed.
41. I love having two girls. I love tea parties and dress up and nail polish and ribbons and bows and the color pink. I love tulle and polka dots and Barbie’s and little children’s furniture. I’m a total girl mom and I love it!
42. I love shabby chic design. I love cottage style and florals. I am sucker for furniture that is white. I love antiques and pieces with a history. Every time I go on vacation I have to go find a salvage yard or antique store and find something that has a story to bring home.

43. I love doing ANYTHING with Monica and Mindy.
44. I have a horrible gag reflex. I can’t hold anything in my mouth like a pencil or a credit card or I’ll gag. If the kids are throwing up, Tom has to help them or I’ll be right there with them gagging in the toilet.
45. I love and miss the smell of the ocean air. I love to sit on the beach and watch the sun go down, or walk along the edge of the water and watch the waves come and go. It calms my soul. 46. I’m a very loud burper. I can win a burping contest at whim. I guess that’s what happens when you grow up in a house full of boys.
47. I love that our house has become the neighborhood hang-out-house. All the kids in the neighborhood climb our tree, jump on our trampoline, play with our toys and watch our movies. It’s always been my dream, and now it’s a reality!
48. I hate grocery shopping with a passion! (Unless of course it’s with Monica and Mindy)
49. I love my church calling. I’m the nursery coordinator. I love going in to each class and helping the teachers and playing with all the kids. The best part is that I get to be “in” the nursery without having to “stay” in the same room with crying kids for two hours.
50. I wish I could roller blade and ride a bike. Then we could go as a family on little adventures. I think that would be fun.
51. I can’t sing. Or more appropriately, I won’t sing. I had a mother who was a singer and who can compete with that? Although, I do love to hear people sing. I love Broadway musicals and movies that have singing in them. I’m just not going to be the singer–ever!
52. I love taking baths. I would take a bath every night if my bathtub was better. It’s very calming and relaxing and makes my bones feel good. My girls follow my example.
53. My favorite number is 22.
54. I wish I was smarter. I wish I had the brain where learning was easy. I wish I could enjoy learning smart people stuff. I only enjoy learning about fun stuff. Example: gardening, cooking, decorating and photography (even that seems to be over my head).
55. I am not offended easily. I am pretty easy going and love to please others.
56. I can’t spell worth beans. Really, I have the poorest spelling and grammar possible. Thank heavens for spell check!
57. I’m very outgoing. Sometimes too much!
58. I love doing service for others. You need help? Call me; I’ll be there for you without a second thought! (My husband hates this about me because I usually rope him into helping too)
59. I don’t know how to download music and I wish I did.
60. I have to have a little time to myself each day or I go nuts! I guess this comes from being the only girl with her own room. Tom and I were married for about two weeks when I couldn’t handle it anymore. I needed some space. So I locked myself into the bedroom and told him to go find something to do for a while. Poor guy, he didn’t take it well. He’s learned and is o.k. with it now. No worries! However, I do make my kids take a nap everyday so I can have some peace!
61. I’m starting to loose my memory. I used to be able to remember everything! That’s why I’m excited about this blog – so I can record things for my failing memory.
62. I love my religion
63. I’m a little bit crazy and a whole lot of fun. I don’t like to be serious.
64. I’m not an emotional person. I’m the guy in the relationship and Tom’s the girl. (Emotionally speaking of course.)
65. I miss my Mom and Dad.
66. I’m a peeping Tom. I love to drive around and look at houses. I especially like to at night so I can see inside. I always wonder “what is their life like?” or “how is their house decorated?”
67. I love President Hinckley and wish he could live forever! I want my girls to have him be their favorite prophet like he is mine.
68. I hate to travel, but love that Tom my friends are helping me overcome that. If it weren’t for them I would not have gone to some pretty amazing places and seen some pretty amazing things. I thank them for that. 69. I love babies. I wish my girls wouldn’t grow up. I’m a little nervous about the teenage years. Will my girls still like me then?
70. I love going to the library.
71. We aren’t allowed to rent movies anymore because we never take them back on time. Thank goodness for net-flix and blockbuster online!
72. I wish Kurt still lived next door.
73. I can’t miss any of the action. If there’s a party or book club, I’m one of the last to leave. If there are people over, I hate having to tend to the kids because I might miss out on something. I need to get over this!
74. I love creativity. I encourage it in my girls more than I should.
75. I am a spiritual person. I believe in Christ and I love the gospel. I’m not open about my spirituality but I do have a firm testimony of the Church and its teachings.
76. I am a patient person. Sometimes too patient.
77. I usually go with the flow even if it’s not what I want to do..I need to stand up for myself more.
78. I love doing laundry. I usually do it all in one day – Monday. I love sorting, washing and folding. I HATE putting laundry away.
79. I am a visual learner. I have to see it to remember it or I have to envision it in my head while someone is telling me something or it goes right out the window (or ear).
80. I hardly ever cry. I wish I could especially in R.S. when everyone else is and I’m just sitting there feeling stupid.
81. I would much rather speak in public than pray in public.
82. I have a dream that my house will be in a magazine someday. (I don’t think it will ever happen, but its fun to dream)
83. I am not creative with my hair. It’s either down or in a ponytail. I wish one of the Jobe’s would kidnap me and give me hair and makeup lessons.
84. I don’t keep a journal because I get too embarrassed when I read what I wrote. I hope this blog will change that.
85. I love Tom more than he knows. I need to tell him more since his love language is verbal communication. (Mine is not so I totally need to make the effort. Goal # 2 for 2007)
86. I have blue eyes and brown hair and I have never needed braces.

87. I hate the lower half of my body. Every inch – and the inches are getting bigger by the year!
88. I love my 2 aunts. They are completely different, but my life wouldn’t be the same without them.

89. I love making a treat on Sundays. Suzanne Ross’ chocolate chip cookies mostly. Sometimes German chocolate cake in the microwave with my cool pampered chef pan (it takes 10 min. No lie!) I grew up with that tradition and have lots of fun memories of my brothers and mom in the kitchen. I hope my girls will grow up with fond memories of this and pass it on.
90. I hate wearing shoes. The minuet I get home I take them off.
91. I get a boost of energy when I am around people. It’s like a drug. If I am dead tired I can go to book club, or my brothers will come over and tada! I have enough energy to run a marathon. The problem is….when I get home, or they leave I crash. Is there a name for this drug and can we bottle it somehow?
92. I wish I could win the HGTV dream home. Or the Martha Stewart dream home. I enter the contest online everyday hoping to win. What I would do if I won? I’m not sure, It’s just my dream.
93. I love Brooke. Her and Paige are the Queen of Cute. I wish I could be like them.
94. I’m thankful for technology and all the modern conveniences we have. I could not have been a pioneer. Even though when I was younger I wanted to be Laura Ingalls.
95. I have to drink with a straw. I have a jar of them on the counter within easy reach.
96. I have bionic ears. I can hear things like know other. Sometimes it’s a blessing and sometimes it’s a curse.
97. I am not a morning person. The problem is, no one in our house is a morning person either. That makes getting up and ready for school and work a constant problem. Goal #3 for 2007 – go to bed early and get up early.
98. I grew up with no sisters. Now I have 7 sister-in-laws. I'm glad I have them.
99. I love kids and I still love to babysit. I love to play and be silly.
100. I love to go out to eat. Tom has rubbed off on me.
101. I love my family and my life. I’m glad I have them and they make me who I am.

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aimee said...

Cara--You inspire me...I don't live my life with enough "fun" and creativity. Thank you for opening my mind. I have never thought of the trees getting a shower or even sat still long enough to watch clouds move. Rent a movie...and actually watch it...Yikes...I need to slow down and enjoy the "herbal" tea. I have so loved reading your thoughts and adventures. Your life seems so full and what awesome memories you are creating for your family. HELP ME...You are amazing, and I am going to keep learning from YOU!
How lucky I am to be your friend!