Friday, February 26, 2016

The Diagnosis

We had to wait over a week for the final diagnosis.  Our surgeon, Dr. Nader Sanai is the head of the tumor board and Director of  the Barrow Brain Tumor and research center.  We new it was a level two (which is good) and we knew it was a slow growing tumor (which is also good) but we didn't know if it was cancer or not.  We met with the Neuro Oncologist and finally got the information to proceed with treatment:

The tumor was a low grade level 2.
It is a Glioma called Astrocytoma.
It can be and is a form of cancer.
It comes from the brain and a gene mutation.  It is not hereditary, it didn't come from something he ate, drank (diet soda) or was exposed to, and it isn't from his cell phone.
It was a slow growing tumor.

They will be doing genetic profiling on Tom and the tumor for the future in case anything else comes up they will already have a full genetic profile ready to go. 

The first treatment - Surgery - Removed 95% of the tumor.
The second treatment - radiation - 5 days a week for 6 weeks
The third treatment - Chemo - a pill taken at home 7 days a week for 6 weeks.
(Both these will be done at the same time)

The doctors are very hopeful these treatments will get rid of the tumor permanently.  They said this is the best type of tumor to get if you were to get a brain tumor.  Tom is healthy, doesn't drink, smoke or even drink caffeine.  He has no other health issues and his brain is very smart from all that schooling so it will be easy to retrain the brain to his normal old self.  Tom is excited because he says he will be even smarter than before since that softball in his noggin isn't slowing him down. 

Tom will be very busy over the next 6 weeks with speech therapy, neuro rehab, radiation and chemo.  I'm telling him it's like a mini makeover on his brain.  Six weeks of hard stuff then a lifetime of greatness!

His scar is amazing and healing up so fast! 
They only shaved his head where they cut! 

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Erin said...

Just amazing! I'm glad to know that Tom is making progress. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers!