Friday, May 25, 2007

101 Things We Love - Teacher Gift

O.K. I did it. 
I made Kristy's unbelievable teacher gift.

101 Things we love and will miss about Mrs. Workman
From the class of 2007
Spectrum Elementary

And I must say Cassidy's teacher did say, "unbelievable!" It was so easy to make with Kristy's detailed instructions and I had a lot of fun as well. It was definitely a labor of love for which I enjoyed.

When I got into the classroom to give her the gift she was calling each child up and telling the whole class what she loves and will miss about them. Is that not perfect? Some of the Mom's came and we all had a good cry. The kids probably thought we were nuts but it was a nice moment! This was such a wonderful year. It's going to be hard to top. So thank you Kristy, once again you saved the day!

**A little FYI on the brand new dollar bills. If you want them you have to order them a few days in advance. I did not know this. I thought you could just go to the bank and get brand new bills. Nope. Well, not "nope" but I did have to go to 5 different banks before I hit the jackpot!

Step By Step How To:

1) So I started by getting every Mom's e-mail address and e-mailing them the questions to ask their children plus asking for $5.

The questions were:
1. What will I miss most about being in Mrs. Workman's class.
2. What I love most about Mrs. Workman is.......
3. Mrs. Workman loves me because........
4. My favorite thing Mrs. Workman taught me this year was.......
5. What I hope to never forget about this year:

2) Then I compiled all the questions and printed them out on paper the size of dollar bills.After cutting them I put one paper with a question then one dollar bill, one question, one dollar bill etc......

3) I then went to Paper Plus - a wholesale paper co. in town and got Padding Compound. This is the glue that they put onto notebooks so you can tear the paper off without ripping.  This is a very important part of the process.  If you can't find it in your area, order it.  It will last you many years and make many projects!

4) I then clamped all 101 things and 101 dollars together with a backer board on the back and a cute cover page on the front:

5) I did two coats of the padding compound to make sure that all the paper was glued together. The glue only takes about 20 min. to dry. This was the coolest by the way! I have already thought of a ton of cute things I could make with this glue stuff! Oh and it was only $11.95 for the quart!

6) TA-DA! I was smiling the whole time I was making this. Tom thought I was nuts!~ He,He! I could hardly contain my excitement! And her reaction did not disappoint!

And here she is with Cassidy!
The most amazing teacher I have ever known.
She will be missed!

I went to the ribbon store and found the perfect ribbon for my cute paper. I thought of you Kristy at the ribbon store. You would LOVE it! A WHOLE store floor to ceiling - wall to wall of ribbon! So much fun!
This was not a hard project. The hardest part was getting the questions from the kids/Moms. If you are going to do this for a family member or a wedding present that wouldn't matter and it would be so cute!

Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions.  I am always willing to help you make your favorite teacher smile!


onehm said...

You are a superstar! This turned out awesome. Glad that the teacher loved it, how could she not?!

Brooke said...

you are amazing! it turned out so good and i'm glad she loved it!

Crazymamaof6 said...

So fantastic! I worked at paper plus for two weeks and wanted to get the padding compound but had no idea what I'D do with IT! Now i have a great idea! So cute! and so fun! OHH fathers day! is coming! it would be so cute for the hubby from me and the kids!

Susan said...

What a work of love! I just think this is soooo creative & thoughtful. My sister is a 3rd grade teacher and my Dad is a retired elementary school principal. I love it when educator's are appreciated. You are such a great Mom.

Courtney said...

I am Brooke and Ashleys friend. I love your blog. You always have the cutiest post. I should have commented before but when I saw Mrs. Workman, who is my Aunt, I knew that I had to. I have heard that she is an awesome teacher. The gift you made her was amazing!! I am sure she loved it. You are so creative. Hopefully by reading your blog some creativness will rub off on me.

kristi brooke said...

Wow! it turned out great!

i am working on the one for Annie Kate's teacher right now. reading the answers are just awesome. I love that you made it and I hope many more get made for all those great teachers out there!

kristi brooke said...

oh ya, and sorry about not giving you the scoop on getting the new ones, i knew that but forgot to put that in my post. i will got add that tonight.

kristi brooke said...

school is finally out and i posted about our book today.

Lukman Arsalan said...

That's really, really cool! I was trying to find an idea for a teacher - and I think this is fab!

Judy Kenyon said...

I would love my students to give me such a book! Maybe I could put one of the great parents in charge and have them put this together for me. This is my last year of teaching after all!

Michelle said...

How did you set the paper up to come out to the right size?

Melissa said...

Have the same question as Michelle did about about the easiest way to print questions. Excel? Text boxes? Also, when applying the Paper Padding, did you put on the top of each see or just the top side edges of the stack? I think Kristy said she painted the glue on the top of each, but it sounded like you just did the top edge. Thank you so much for your help! I am in the process of making this for end of school next week :)

Mama M. said...
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Cara Steele said...

@Mama M I don't have a template. So Sorry. I just made these in word and cut them the same size as the dollar bills!

I did this for several teachers over the years. It's always a HUGE hit!

Mama M. said...

Thank you!
Final question - did you apply the padding compound to the dollar bills, or did you just apply it to the actual papers?
I have them all cut and ready to go, and I'm so excited to put this together tonight!!!

Cara Steele said...

@mama m I clamped the papers and the dollar bills together and compounded the whole thing (one side). I did several coats letting them dry in-between. So excited for you to present this! It's such a fun gift!