Sunday, May 6, 2007

This was the 1st Sunday in a long time that I went to any classes what-so-ever.
I have been serving in the nursery for over a year.
Which I loved.
But didn't get any spiritual uplift at all.
Today I did.
It's amazing what a little uplift will do to you!

Here is a quote that I loved:

"As Relief Society sisters, we must strive to manifest the love of Christ, who always sought to please His Father by doing His will. Sisters, we must make every effort to follow His supreme example to demonstrate such love through our thoughts, our speech, our actions in all things we do and are. We must not allow pride or vanity, selfishness or personal agendas to displace our reaching out to others in love. Quite simply and profoundly, we must first allow ourselves to be encircled by God's love. We do this best by embracing the savior's eternal Atonement. Then we can expand that circle to include our family and all others. Such a circle is indeed heaven."

General Relief Society Pres.
Bonnie Parkin

I used to be so good at thinking of other people, doing things for others and serving. Lately I have been in my own little world. I don't fit in. I'm not part of my old ward and I'm not part of the new ward. I need to branch out. Make a difference. No one can change me but me. I need to be more organized. Remember birthdays, piano recitals, book club, ward Cinco De Mayo parties - yes....I did forget all of these things. I need to step out of my nice little world and be better!

Baby steps. Remember baby steps. It's easier that way!

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1630 SF 3bed/2 bath. said...

I understand how Sunday is hard, because I feel the same way teaching Sunbeams.
It's hard to fit in when you know that you are leaving. That's how I felt in the old ward.