Tuesday, May 15, 2007

lucky duck

Tom's Sunday Story:

Church is over. We all get in the car. It's hot, very hot in the car. Tom says he has to tell me something but I can't tell anyone. I told him he better not say anything with "the little ears" in the back seat if he doesn't want anyone to know. He said that's not a problem. So he starts:

He was sitting in EQ happy and content with his nice little Sunday. He was listening to the announcements, and realized about 30 seconds before they finished that he was the one that was supposed to give the lesson today. He also realizes that he doesn't know what lesson they are on, nor does he have his lesson manual. Fear strikes. Then, peace. He said to himself (in the 30 second window that he has before he has to get up in front of the whole EQ) "no problem right? I have been listening to conference talks 24/7 in the car for months!" I'll just pick one of those! Thanks to Matt he even has the latest April conference - all four sessions! Good thing, keep reading.

So he sat a moment more, thought and chose

He got up, gave the lesson without notes, book or copy of the Ensign. Just from memory. Wow! Is that a little bit of inspiration or what? When he told me that ,I looked at him and said, "that's what lesson we had! That's the lesson you were supposed to teach!"

I asked him if anyone had figured him out? He said no, they had a discussion, people commented, it went well. Little stinker. I would have died! I would have said I was going to throw up and went home! I don't mind giving talks or lessons in front of people but without warning? Nope, couldn't have done it.

So, note to self. Get some conference talks in my car so in case of emergency I don't go into the bathroom and heave my guts out!

side note: he said don't tell anyone and here I am blogging it! (giggle)


Brooke said...

That is so amazing to me. I would have done the same thing you would do. Just thinking about it makes me want to throw up! You got one smart hubby!

Crazymamaof6 said...

I thought amazing! and impressive! definitely a reason to be proud! we won't tell you blogged it!

onehm said...

Awesome story! Love the power of inspiration...just goes to show that if we are prepared, the Lord will help us when we need it!

Jennifer said...

I still say "Lucky Duck"! Just teasing-I love those "inspiration in spite of preparation-or the lack thereof" moments. He must be doing something right. Luck you to have such and insightful and prepared hubby.

Lizzy said...

K- so i asked Chris how EQ was- he was like, "really good, but then agin Tom's lesson are always good" That's saying a lot about your husband, and i think that's awesome! I would have played sick an booked it out of there!!!