Sunday, June 10, 2007

little funnyies

I love the little things my kids say. They tend to be so funny!
Today Cassidy was reading Danny the Dinosaur to me and one of the sentences was:
" I can make a noise like a car," said the dinosaur.

Cassidy said, "I can make a nostril......" Oh I about lost it! I laughed so hard. Then Cassidy started laughing, then Abby. It was pretty hilarious!

Then later in the day, Abby was helping me make dinner and she was so proud of herself when she cut up the cucumber, green bell pepper and the mini carrots for the pasta salad. She loves to cook. I can't keep her out of the kitchen. My favorite comment from her tonight was,
"Mom, I want some bustard on my hot dog!" Bustard instead of mustard he,he. That's pretty darn cute!

She also sings the Cinderella song to her barbies. This is her version:
"Cinderelli, Cinderelli we be helping Cinderelli, her berry berry dizzy."
With this version it's sung over and over. I love it!


Webb Family said...

I remember reading that book too! your kiddos are so cute and I love the funny things they say!!

onehm said...

Don't you love all the funny things that kiddos say to make us laugh?!