Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Fun Things I Did This Weekend
(this is in no particular order)
10. Spent the weekend with my sweet and spunky friend Kim who came all the way from PA to check out Maricopa and Queen Creek. I got to meet her cute boys and see her husband again. (haven't seen him since the wedding - yah I'm a good friend) We also had great food and took the kids to Makutu's Island. We had so much fun and I'm excited for her to move here so I can see her more. I told Tom how excited I was because she knows "my story". The pre-Arizona-being married-story. Sometimes I get a personality complex because people only know half of my story. Kim knows most of it and she still loves me and that makes me happy that she's going to be close!
9. Got to go to an amazing surprise birthday party for Tom's newest partner in the firm. Boy does his wife know how to throw a party! The amazing thing was Kevin didn't have a clue! His parents flew in from Michigan, hers from CA and she was going to have her baby any minute!!! It was amazing and I promised myself that for Tom's 40th I would do something equally special because what the hay - he deserves it and I can have Nicole help me plan it! (grin)
8. Friday night we went to an Abacus party with Cassidy where she showed us how well she is doing. Her teacher gave a little speech and called each student up and told something she loved about them. She said she had a wrong 1st impression about Cassidy - she thought she had a bad attitude. Cassidy is learning, trying and progressing. She's doing great and her teacher loves her and that's all that matters. The best part of the night was these cookies that this dad brought and had made himself! They were the best darn cookie I have ever had. He said they had coconut, walnuts, milk chocolate chips, semi-sweet chocolate chunks and oatmeal in them. And they were warm! They each weighed about a pound (o.k. that's an exaggeration) and I am still wishing for the recipe! (see how easy I am to please?!)
7. Found a fun new store. Dazzle. Yep, it has a lot of dazzle and bling! One whole side actually. I found a cute shirt and a few new necklaces for gifts. Great prices and lots of fun things to make any girl feel pretty!
6. I went on a little one nighter with Tom to Cali for a "friends and family Van Halen Concert Party". Since it was Van Halen I had to bring my brothers of course! They are HUGE fans! We had so much fun and my brothers loved it. I think I may getting to be too old or maybe the band is - not quite sure. My favorite part was scoping out all the famous people that were there. I think I may have paid more attention to who was there than what the band was playing! I wish I had taken more pictures but we had to be sly with the camera and I felt a little funny being a "friend and family" taking pictures of other "friends and family" if you know what I mean?! I also was the wrong person to send and report on famous people since I'm not up on my "Star, People, OK and In Touch" reading. I kept seeing people I knew were famous but I didn't know their names. Sorry about that! I'll have to make a list of who we saw and post it. The thing I noticed was the more famous the person was the more casual they were dressed. David Spade looked like he woke up from a nap, put a hat on and came to the show. Funny, I'll have to remember that when I want to dress grungy. I'll call it "my being famous outfit!"
5. Eating dinner at Sizzler before the show. I think it had been about 20 years since we had all eaten at a Sizzler. You know you are all jealous! Really we were laughing so hard about it. There was nothing else and we were in a hurry! Believe me, you aren't missing anything having NOT eaten there in 20 years yourself. However when we were kids that was the special place to go. We would go there for our birthday dinner and go get our free ice cream from 31 flavors after. Good times. My brothers and I were trying to think if there was anything else besides Sizzler growing up. I can't think of anything unless you went into Monterey. Jen and Kim you might have to help me out on that one.
4. Went to the LA Shopping District. Didn't have time to find much but it's always a treat to go there. Tom is hooked so we went before he dropped me off at the airport. I think I like flying home from L.A. We drove there but Tom had to stay an extra few days so I flew home. Well worth the $120 bucks to not spend 6 hours in the car. I liked it a lot and I'm sure I will be using the flying feature more often! However, it would have been fun to ride home with my Bros but.......6 hours vs. 1 1/2??? You make the choice!
3. Eating the biggest, freshest, yummiest doughnuts! After the party we didn't want to go back to the hotel so we headed out to find some pie. All of L.A. was at some hot, hip party and we were on the quest for pie! We found a Denny's but right next door was "The Best Doughnut Shop". My brothers and I looked at each other and said, "Ahhh Doughnuts!" So we went in and WOW!! I had forgotten that Californians are very proud of their doughnuts! They were huge and had just come out of the oven. I guess midnight is the time to go for fresh doughnuts. I had the best chocolate cake doughnut with chocolate icing I had ever had. So yum! We bought a dozen (there were 7 of us) and sat and ate doughnuts. My Brothers and I were remembering how my Dad would come in and say "at 9:22pm lets go get some doughnuts!" He would put us in the car in our p.j.'s and off we would go on a Friday night cruising Main St. on the way to the doughnut shop. (this was of course before we knew to be embarrassed)
2. Seeing my girls face when I came home. They were so excited to see me. It sure made me feel special. It makes Abby's fit throwing not as bad for me today because I just envision her hugging me and telling me "you're a sweet Mom". Also, My MIL was wonderful and spent so much time playing with the girls. They sure love her a lot too! Thanks, Mom for staying with them they had a blast!
1. The best part was the little get-a-way with my sweetie! We had so much fun and we didn't have to worry about the little chickens. (Well, I still worry but at least they weren't with us.)


Erin said...

OK, I have two questions. What is Makutu's Island and where is Dazzle? Sounds like a great weekend!

Webb Family said...

Where is Dazzle? I can't believe you didn't find anything at the fashion district. I'm happy you had a fun weekend with your hubby & brothers sounded like a good time!
Also, I saw your little sweeties at church! They looked sooo cute!
You need to remember all the famous people! I love that kind of stuff. I have met David Spade & he had a baseball cap on too he was really nice.

Crazymamaof6 said...

too fun! sounds like a great weekend! is dazzle on greenfield and baseline?
hmm very fun stuff happening this last weekend! and way to go flying and avoiding the drive! that had to be fabulous!

Megan said...

You did ALL that in ONE weekend. Very Impressive!
We loved Sizzler growing up too.
I didn't know they still had them anywhere! good to know for the next time I find myself in cali... I will head to the nearest sizzler... NO I won't, I will find the doughnut shop!

onehm said...

I too am impressed at all you have done! Wish I could find good donughts here!
No wonder you are creating such fun memories with your girls, your parents did that with you too... that's great!

lindsey said...

what an awesome weekend. a concert, time alone with your sweetie, plus shopping... i am so jealous. lucky girl!!

Grandma T. said...

The video man has another one based on The Flight of the Bumblebee ...child in a toy store. To see it go to the You Tube and click the link next to it to see more by the same person. He has one about "Sneetches" where he plays a Barbie piano and his daughter plays a Barbie guitar.

Lizzy said...

What a great weekend!! Love the little guick get-a-ways!

Lori said...

How fun!! I was laughing at the Sizzler thing. That is so true. That was the place Dave and I would go to in High School for our "Nice Restaurant" dates. Too funny. And your post made me want to go get a doughnut. I haven't had a yummy fresh doughnut in too long.

Jenifer said...

I laughed out loud when you said I was jealous of Sizzler. That's exactly what I was feeling! Love the toast there. Glad you had a great weekend. Love your blog!