Saturday, March 8, 2008

The girls had Jane and Jill over this weekend. We always have fun when they around! They rode bikes to the park, packed a picnic, played on the monkey bars and rode home. I of course was lazy and drove to the park, stayed in my car and read, then brought Abby and Jill and their bikes home for them. (I would have played with them but they wanted to feel BIG and didn't want Mom around! So I was there just for safety reasons.)

We also planted some new flowers out in the front bed and some tomato's in the back bed. I think I might go get some peppers and onions so I can have a salsa garden. That's always fun! I found some heirloom tomato's - Brandy Wine at Lowe's of all places. I am excited to see how they do since the book "The $64 Tomato" talks about them so highly!

My neighbor right next door came over to ask me the other day what to do with her tulip plant now that it didn't have any tulips on it anymore. I told her to just let it dry out, and save the bulbs for next season. She told me that one of the neighbor girls had picked off all the tulips and her Mom was looking for another plant. Well..............yesterday Abby came riding up with two beautiful tulips in her hand - the very tulips that had JUST been replaced by the other neighbor Mom!!! I marched her right over and we apologized. I hope Abby learned her lesson because I'm afraid if this happens again we might be blacklisted!! We then got in the car and went to Home Depot, Wal Mart and Target looking for tulips. No such luck. I hope I can find some soon so I don't have to hide in the house from shame!

(photo courtesy of: Evgeniya Lazareva)

Spring is in the air and I am loving it! Please-oh-please keep this weather untill June!!


Jenifer said...

Bless her heart! I used to pick the neighbors flowers for my mom too. She also made me stop. Ungrateful? I wish this weather would last until next March! If it never got any hotter that would be fine by me!

Anny said...

Brynn and Cade picked about 20 of my cute neighbors flowers a couple of years ago. My neighbor came over crying and I felt sooooo bad! Her mother was struggling with cancer and her garden was what brought her life & hope. Brynn has never picked a flower since. I'm jealous that you are planting a garden. I spotted a strip of grass yesterday and reminded myself that "the snow WILL melt, someday".