Monday, March 10, 2008


Mondays. What can I say. I woke up to a ransacked house and a whole list of things to do. I didn't feel bad about it though. The weekend was so great that it has carried over into today. I have a ton of laundry as you can see by the above photo. My goal: to get it ALL done AND put away today! I usually get most of it done and folded but put away??? I loath that part so I tend to check out during that part. I need to do better because putting laundry away is much better that going to a job and working for someone else!
The dishes also need to be done. I was LAZY and didn't do any kitchen clean-up as you can see. I don't know why I hate dishes. It only takes about 15 min to unload and re-load the dishwasher and clean up the kitchen. Why do I put it off??? Again- suck it up Cara this is a much better alternative!
The girls bathroom is a disaster! You can't tell by the picture but it's BAD!! I should have made them do it but I wasn't in the mood.
This little chick needed a bath sooo bad. You know it's bad when their head gets that know the dirty, sweaty smell. Ewww gross! So her and Barbie 1 and Barbie 2 took a nice long soak while I cleaned. Can't get better than that!
Then we had Kurt , Pam and Patrick ,Leonda over for Family Home Evening. It was so fun and the kids loved playing with Miss Cass who had them entertained the entire time. We talked about 72 hour kits and an Emergency Family Plan in case of a disaster. Better to be safe than sorry! The food and company was perfect!

So my Monday was spent cleaning, laundry, watching Abby and London and some great food with friends and family. It turned out to be a great day! A lot of fun and a lot accomplished. Love it when that happens!

What is your Monday like?
Do you loath laundry?
Would you rather be a stay-at-home-Mom or have a Job outside the home with adult conversation and a paycheck?

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Erin said...

Girl my house looks like that everyday!!! Mondays are towel washing day, tuesday is when I do the mountains of clothes. I don't mind washing the clothes but sometimes they sit in the baskets until I need then again.

As for having a job outside the house I admit some days I wish I had a job but, most days I am glad to be home with the littles!

momof3crazykids said...

My house is like that just about eveyday also. I do laundry on Mondays and Fridays. And I hate putting clothes away. I hate to admit it, but there are clothes from last week that still need to be put away along with clothes from 2 days ago. I love being a SAHM but also love to have a little extra cash, so I sub at my son's preschool. It's usually only 3-4 days a month. Not too bad and then I get some cash just for me:)

Crazymamaof6 said...

my ideal is a stay at home mom with a live in maid. yeah that isn't happening. a job is tempting some days. good for you getting it done. you rock! and brave soul posting those pics. you seem that much more real and fabulous!
i hate laundry
Monday? it involved lots of laundry and sick kids. normally it's a nice break from having everyone home.
you make having a job sound so fabulous. a paycheck? AND adult conversation? could be heavenly.

Emy5 said...

Yes, Mondays are like that for me too. Just catching up on all that housework that piled up over the weekend and extra bodies being in the house. But I think Family Home Evening is put right there on a Monday for a purpose at the end of the day. It gives us joy, right? Mondays are intense in mothering duties but I would not trade that in for the world.

Glad your Monday turned out so well.

Anny said...

A stay at home mom is the job for me. If I had a job outside of the home, the mess would still be waiting for me when I got home. Eek! Honestly, my Mondays are not any different from the rest of the week. I wish I was more organized with my domestic duties, but too many things just come up. I do love my cleaner, it means I have a clean house for a few hours once a week! Gotta love it!

Anonymous said...

Love the portrait of Abby and her doll. You are becoming quite the photographer!
I used to do a lot of those jobs by myself but know whenever I see these mundane task I will start singing songs to recruit some help from the people that helped create these chores. "When were helping were happy", and "What's gonna work "Team Work". I also normally try to do laundry or cleaning friday or sat. That way we can enjoy the weekend together and be ready for Monday with clean clothes in our drawers.
Normally Monday is bill day for me.
Laundry's not bad if I can split some of the duty with Matt.
I like to do both. Be at home and have a little something on the side. Both things bring me satisfaction.

Jenifer said...

My house looked exactly like that on Monday! I almost took a picture of my laundry. Amazing that four people can generate so much mess. Hope you are feeling better!

Dancin Queen said...

I just got a new washer and dryer and it makes laundry so much better. I had a really old set and it took 2 hours to dry a batch of clothes! Laundry is so much faster now! I was living in the stone age.

pam said...

Thanks for having us over. We had a good time and learned a lot.

I missed Garrett yesterday, but he had a great time with Abby.

AddiEphriaMom said...

i am WAY to lazy to have a job. But i am also way to lazy to get my house cleaned. hmmmmm maybe if i didn't stay up so late blogging...

i would ALWAYS rather be home. AND face that mess then EVER have a job!!!!!!!!!

but, YES, my house is messy more often than not. and i do get bogged down by the never ending battle of keeping it clean. is it really that important to eat food and wear clothes???

cindylou said...

Uh -- yeah, so that looks like my house...everyday! Wish it were just Mondays. Wouldn't that be grand! But, I know what you mean. Just remember how grateful you are for that awesome washer & dryer your dad got for you! :o)

And yes...I loathe laundry. I'm good at washing it, and folding it, but not putting it away. Sort-of like you, I guess. Then my neat little (GIANT) piles that I've made throughout the day end up strewn ALL over my bedroom, into the hallway, etc. because I'm not so good at putting it away. You think I'd learn, but....NOPE!

Annie said...

Even your dirty dishes are color coordinated. How did you do that?

Andrea said...

Oh my - you are brave to post your 'to do' pics. I usually have laundry stacks like that all the time. I don't mind washing/drying the laundry (esp with my huge front-loaders) but sorting and putting away.. YUCK!!! Plus I make the kids put their own clothes away. I help fold and lay them out to be hung up, but I want them to learn to put their own stuff away. So, it doesn't always get done.

and dishes! Don't even get me started. I have NEVER liked doing the dishes. I know it doesn't take very long and it always looks so much better when everything is put away. but ick. i wish someone else would do that part.

Sometimes i think it would be easier to just leave for the day and go back to work (and get paid and praises). BUT I so love being home with the kids. I don't think I would trade jobs.