Monday, September 15, 2008

Memory Monday

September to me always was:
*new fall clothes
*warm indian summer weather (Sept. in Salinas was the best weather all year)
*the sun set a little lower in the sky.
*fall colors everywhere
*warm soup and homemade bread

Now that I am in the desert September is a little different.
It's more like:
*getting in as much swimming as we can before the pool gets too cold.
*wishing for sweaters and scarfs but still wearing shorts and t-shirts.
*being able to go play outside in the evening now that the weather is cooling off to tepid temperature of 87
*making soup and homemade bread but it not tasting quite as good as when it's chilly outside
*seeing the sun set a little lower in the sky but still not being able to open the doors and windows for some crisp fresh air.

When I was growing up I was always sad to go back to school the day after Labor day. That's when the weather was so warm and just calling me to the beach! I had all these new school clothes, sweaters in fall colors, scarfs, new jeans and shoes. Being the only girl in the family did have it's benefits. Ü I loved the smell of the air, the leaves changing colors, football games, new school supplies. I didn't like school much but everything that goes with it was fun. Yes I was in school purely for the social aspect. My grades reflected as such too! I loved riding around in Kimmurs red VW bug convertible with the top down and her feet barely reaching the pedals. So fun! Those were fun times. Wouldn't ever want to do them over but so fun to look back on!

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Jenifer said...

I am so anxious for "fall" to start! you made me feel homesick for the first time in a long time!