Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Blog

So I thought I would post a link to Abby's kindergarten blog that her teacher and I have been working on. I'm doing this for several reasons:
1. We are having a hard time getting the parents to look at the blog. Any ideas?
2. I thought it would be fun for other people to see the cute songs that this class sings each day.
3. If any of you are a class Mom this might help you get ideas for your own class blog.
4. And lastly I thought I would put it out there for friends and family.

So enjoy Abby's Kindergarten Blog

Growing in Kindergarden


Cindy said...

Wow! I wish my kiddos had blogs for their classrooms like yours! I can't believe the amount of info you have on there -- the songs, sight words, letters and colors of the week!! WOW! Shame on those moms for not looking at it more often! They obviously don't know what they're missin'! (Do you have their e-mail addresses? Maybe you could send weekly reminder e-mails with the blog link so that all they have to do is click and viola!...they're at the site.??)

onehm said...

It's super cute.
Maybe the reason mom's aren't looking is because they aren't as addicted to blogging as I am. I would look EVERY day!! ;)

Think Pink said...

Very Cute, Cara! I love blogs...I always liked having Mr. Hamlins Blog. But, he told me that you and I and one other mom were the only ones whoever looked at it! Crazy...I looked every morning to see what the 'special' was.
I love it! Great job!

Jennifer said...

Maybe you could email them all and tell them how cute you are and why they would want to look at your hard work? Serious!

I think like anything, people just need to know what's available to them and how to use it. Send an email every time you post, telling them there's a new post and soliciting comments and feedback.

Good work mama.