Monday, March 30, 2009

Vacation Part Two

We had a lot of fun on the cruise. The girls loved being able to eat ice cream whenever they wanted. I think that was the highlight for them for sure. They ate ice cream for breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack and bedtime snack. I wondered if they would get sick of the ice cream but NOPE! They kept going back for more! This fancy ice cream swan was brought to me by Callen - thanks Bud!

Tom and I had just as much fun as the girls. Do you love our self portrait picture? This was after many takes. I think we need to work on doing SP. I brought my little point and shoot camera and am a little sad I didn't bring my big camera. The pictures weren't near as good nor near as fun to take.
Cassidy finally made a friend (she's a little shy) on the last day. Here they are playing mini golfing on the top of the ship. What a view!
Cassidy and Abby won a free Build-a-Bear and when we went to get them we somehow got three! So we asked Callen if he wanted one (I didn't think he would go for it) and he said SURE! So the girls taught him how to stuff the bear, add the little heart after rubbing it on your head, lips, heart, knees, eyes (we made up all kinds of things to see if Callen would do it and he did!) then dressing the bear, naming it and playing with it. Good times for the kiddos and I thought they were darn cute!
Abby stuffing her bear Sally.
The boys (Cade, Callen and Cooper) taught the girls (Cassidy and Abby) about video games on this trip. They spent a lot of time at Underground Tokyo playing. One night Chris and Monica and Tom and I sat outside and talked while the kids played. Afterward Cassidy couldn't stop giggling about some pattle throwing incident. She would just spontaneously break out in giggles thinking about it. When she went to bed that night the last thing she did before she fell asleep was giggle to herself. I loved that moment. There's nothing better than a memory that keeps you laughing hours later!
Oh and did you know there were Pirates on the ship! Cute little Pirates that I wanted to squeeze and hug and kiss to death! Abby loved the kids area. She had so much fun going there each day for a few hours. She made lots of friends and made crafts, sang songs, played games. This day was Pirate day!
Dad and Abby snorkeling in the blue waters of St Maarten.
Abby saw a starfish and loves to tell you all about it if you ask.
Cassidy was so brave! She went on a Snuba dive with Tom. This is where you share an air tank and go down about 30-40 ft. You don't have to be certified and it's great to get you used to scuba. She was very nervous at first but did it anyway and got to see a sunken ship! I was so proud of her!!!
Mom and Abby hanging out on the boat waiting for Dad and Cass.
Dad and Cass after their dive.
In St Thomas we went to a The Butterfly Farm. It was so beautiful and we saw a lot of different types of butterfly's. We got a tour and learned all about the life span of a butterfly. Cooper was the lucky person of the day and had a butterfly land on his head! We spent almost two hours there! I was in heaven with all the beautiful plants and flowers. I wanted to come home and plant my own butterfly garden! (we'll see about that. St Thomas does have slightly MORE rain than AZ!)
Of course Monica and I had to have a picture in front of the Tiffany & Co store in St. Thomas! Yes, we did go in and look, No we didn't buy anything!
Here is Tom and Cassidy in Porto Rico. We were sad that the cruise ship dropped us off her at 5pm. We didn't want to walk around Porto Rico with a bunch of kids at night so we did a little shopping then headed back to the ship. I was impressed with the architecture of the buildings and how nicely maintained they are. I loved all the colors of the buildings! Pink, yellow, blue, purple, orange. All right next to each other. How come we can't get away with that here? I would love a yellow house with a bight pink door!
Cassidy laying out by the pool. Taking a break from swimming.
Do you love that Abby picked out this chapter book from the ship's library and is reading it by the pool. She's such a funny little girl! We had no doubt that she was really reading it too!
The girls loved the nightly towel animals. Every night there would be a new animal and chocolates left on our beds. Funny how Tom and I never got a chocolate though.

This was up at the top of the boat as we were leaving Miami.
It was such a fun cruise and we were so glad we could bring the girls. The cruises we have done before were nice and we had a lot of fun but we always worried about being away from the girls. This was the best of both! If we wanted to be alone, we sent them off to kids club, if we didn't we just hung out. Mostly we all had a great time together and isn't that what a vacation is supposed to be?
Carnival Cruise Line
Porto Rico
St Thomas
St Maarten
(one more post to go - Florida and Burn Notice pictures!)


Nikki said...

Just reading this relaxed me!

THE Bridesmaid said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time!! I am so jealous!!!!

Anny said...

A family cruise sounds really fun. I love the first picture of you and Tom, you're gorgeous! My kids loved the unlimited ice cream cones and pina coladas when we went to Mexico a few years ago, can we get one of those machines for the house? Looks like a lot of fun - snuba, pirates, build a bear, books by the pool! wow

Kass said...

Seriously, I've never really had the desire to go on a cruise, but this post has changed my mind. Sounds like the perfect vacation w/ your darling fam.

Becca said...

It looks so sunny and warm there. Love the pictures and the activities looked relaxing. I'm with Kass, I haven't wanted to go on a cruise before, but maybe now? Can't wait to hear more.

Lori said...

Wow, what a lucky family you are! My kids are jealous. They want to go on a cruise so bad! We keep telling them some day. That is so fun you got to do this trip. Sign me up!