Monday, November 23, 2009

Fun at New Moon

We had so much fun at the movies on Friday. I know I already posted about the funness but I didn't include the pictures and they have been requested! We took up and entire row and even part of the row in front of us. We sat in front of another group of girls who sat behind us in Twilight. We made plans with them to see the next movie together. FUN!
We also saw a lot of friends before, during and after the movie. Nothing like a good movie to bring all the girls out on a Friday Morning huh?!

Thanks girls for the fun day! You guys are the best and I wouldn't trade you for anything.


Crazymamaof6 said...

totally fun! i see your sparkletastic cups! i busted out last years for it too.

Becca said...

It is great to have friends to go to movies with. Sam wanted to go with me. I said no way! He went to Twilight with me and laughed through the whole movie. I wasn't too happy with him. He's band from Twilight movies forever.