Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This Week So Far

This week is being so fun! Monday the girls were sick (Cassidy had eaten WAY too much candy and was up all night and Abby was sniffing-ok that's not the fun part - keep reading) instead of laying around all day we took a nice long relaxing drive to Sedona. I had only been there once and it was 15 years ago. I was craving some fall color and some cooler weather. The weather wasn't cooler but the scenery was perfect! It's on the Top 10 Beautiful Places in the US for a reason.

Yesterday I got to sub for my favorite Bunko group. They are so fun. I got the lowest score (always seems to be the case) and won the cutest Santa for my Santa collection. Thanks Corrie it's perfect!!! I did have a very embarrassing moment while I was there.
Should I share it? OK I will..........
**embarrassing moment**embarrassing moment**embarrassing moment**

I got up during a break in the game to go to the bathroom. I walked in and shut the door behind me and sat down. I was so entranced with all the beautiful hair clips she had hanging on the wall I didn't notice that there was ANOTHER DOOR that was OPEN!!!!! Not only was the door open but there was a TV being watched on the other side? Talk about the fasted pee in the west! I was outta there so quick! Hopefully whoever (the husband?) was in the other room A) didn't hear me, B) didn't see me and C) will forget all about it with the magic spell I sent that way.

Today was a half day. I don't know about you but a bunch of us Mom's are sick of the half days. They are always on a Wednesday - lame - how about making them on a Friday. Better yet, save up two half days and give us a whole day off. Then we could sleep in, plan a fun day with our kids or for those that need it find a babysitter for the whole day. How do you leave work, go get your child, take them to a sitter and then go back to work. It's a teaser! I'm not liking it one bit! It messes up the scheduling all around.

Tonight we had tostadas with lots of veggies for dinner and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. I'm still trying to not eat out and I have come to the conclusion that staying in is better. Homey, comforting, relaxing, tasty. Reminds me of how I grew up. We didn't eat out - ever! Who did back then? I remember on Fridays my Dad would sometimes bring home subs,or pizza (he did most of the cooking). Saturday night was ALWAYS hamburger night and we ate at 6pm sharp. If you wanted dinner you were at the table at 6pm.

My computer came back, was here for two hours then went back to the doctor. I'm thinking they are going to have to wipe it clean then reinstall everything - scary! I'm crossing my fingers XXX!

For now - I'm off to watch the baseball game while I finish up my book - The Lost Symbol. Riveting! Go get it! It will keep you up at night (like me!)


Crazymamaof6 said...

loved having you sub last night! you are my fave sub.

funny about the door. i totally cackled out loud when you told it. and just now again reading it. (yeah because i forgot from last night to tonight)

half days. BLECH. i wouldn't mind late start. but half days stink.

honeybee said...

Hey, I'm heading to Sedona tomorrow with my hubby, and some of his fellow co-workers. See you Sunday, have a fantastic day. Alice

honeybee said...

Hey, I'm heading to Sedona tomorrow with my hubby, and some of his fellow co-workers. See you Sunday, have a fantastic day. Alice

Lauralee said...

oh that is too funny! I had to read your embarrassing moment twice.. just to be sure I read it right... oh man- I would die!

Webb Family said...

Oh man! As soon as you said you went to the bathroom I knew. Thanks again for subbing.
I love Sedona!

Becca said...

What a great embarrassing moment! I know I would have died. Sounds like a great week. I'm not too hip on all the half days either, especially in the middle of the week. Love reading all your posts. Your Awesome!

Anny said...

You crack me up Cara! so funny