Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sharkboy and Lava Girl Came for a Visit

Sunday in my 6 year old primary class at church one of my cutest students informed the class that Sharkboy and Lava Girl came to her house the night before and brought her an idog.  Hmmmm....very interesting indeed.  I didn't give it another thought untill Miss Amberly came to me with this note:
I just love it how she writes in her 1st-2nd grade writing style!

We then had to call Miss Indi and ask her where she left the note so that Shark-boy and Lava Girl could find it if they did come to our house too.  After Amberly and Indi spoke and planned everything out I talked to Indi's Mom who said it had been such a fluke and she was so embarrassed that it even got out.  (She didn't want to stop Indi's imagination so she went with it) I told her not to worry that it would be fine and hopefully they would stop by our house as well.  (I don't want to stop Amberly's imagination either so I went for it too.)

Who knew that it would work?  WOW!  They came and brought both the girls speakers for their ipods!  Thanks Shark-boy and Lava Girl.  You guys ROCK!

Miss Amberly was thrilled (Cass was in on it) and these little babies have been the best thing ever!  (I bet they got them @ Target cause I've seen them there for $14.95).  

They even left a note and everything!  Aren't they just the coolest thing ever?!  Miss Amberly thinks so♥


Erin said...

Man that Shark Boy and Lava Girl sure are nice. Do you think if I left them a note they would bring me a present?

onehm said...

*big smile*

Jenifer said...

I'm not sure if Sharkboy is cool, but I sure think you are!

Anny said...

Hilarious! Zack put a note under his pillow with his tooth to the tooth fairy to find his lost watch and put it under his pillow with the money she left. We looked for hours and found the watch. The tooth fairy couldn't let him down!