Wednesday, September 22, 2010

12 on the 12th - September

1. Miss Abbs practicing her new love
2. a full fridge will lots of yummy leftovers and snacks
3. my favorite breakfast food - raspberry's
4. my cute primary class outside our church building
5. Tom's new car...we ♥ Honda
6. a sick girl who had to stay home from church with the flu
7. catching up on homework that needs to be turned in on Monday
8. kettle corn ready to take to a meet and greet after church
9. watching My Turn on Earth - a Sunday classic
10. making a new batch of laundry soap
11. re-runs of a old family favorite - The Dukes are still awesome 30 years later!
12. self portrait of Tom and me on the couch after the girls were in bed


Lisa Huber said...

Cara I love to see the 12 on the 12th! So how do you like your homemade soap? I've been wondering if it works good and if it really is it? Your pics are making me hungry. Maybe it's time for dinner!

Webb Family said...

Very cute!
I really need to start doing this.