Sunday, October 17, 2010

super hero

sometimes i pretend i have super powers. don't worry...i'm realistic about it. let me explain......

i cant run - so that's out, i'm not strong so pass on that, i wear glasses so 3d vision isn't going to be realistic, flying is what i would really like to do but tom put a dibs on that one. my only other realistic option is........ bionic ears.

now no laughing - i kind of already have bionic ears - hence the realistic part. when i was a teenager i spent many years in bed because i didn't feel good (arthritis). it gets very boring and you tend to train your ears to whats going on around you. i could visualize what was going on throughout my whole house just by listening. you know the blind has good hearing and all that. tom and the girls cant get away with much around our house because i can hear everything that goes on......even whispering. yep - im going to be my teenage daughters biggest nightmare.

tonight we were driving home and this car was going 25 mph. we couldn't pass and boy oh boy were we frustrated. i wished for my super hero bionic ears so i could tune in to that car and find out what was going on in there? were they drunk? old? illegal? seriously it would have helped the frustration level in our car.

another time i was at the public pool and i over heard two girls talking bad about another girl. i wasn't really listening until i heard my sil name. they were talking bad about my sil? i tried to hear the rest of the conversation but with kids splashing and loud laughter it was kind of hard. bionic ears would have come in handy then as well. i did tell my sil and she confronted the girl so ha! don't talk bad about people and you wont get yourself into trouble.

yes...bionic ears would be pretty awesome but only if used for good. we wouldn't want to become the evil villain now would we?

what super power would you choose?
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Webb Family said...

You sound like Mike. Since his one ear doesn't work the other can hear just about anything. Can't wait to hear about your trip!