Thursday, October 7, 2010

Walk Like an Egyptian

Cassidy has been studying Egyptian Gods and Goddesses in school.  Don't get me started - I will say the kids had a blast. I wish they would have studied American History instead but like I said...don't get me started.  The night before we had my cute neighbor come over and do a trial run on the make-up.  I'm not a dramitic make-up wearer so I don't have a lot of knowledge in that department.  We had so much fun playing in the make-up but I'm pretty sure Cassidy had the most fun of all.

We only did one eye that night but the next morning I went to town with my new mad make-up skills and we got her all Egyptian worthy.  She was Mut The Goddess of the New Kingdom and Queen of all Gods.  She had wings like a vulture but that was a little boring so we made them fancy and fun!  

We got her 100% silk dress at my favorite thrift store for $.99 and embellished it with ribbon.  I wish I would have taken a picture of her shoes.  They are the new favorite thing around here.  Oh wait...I'll go take a picture right now.  Hold on a sec............
Cute huh?  She loved wearing high heels to school.  These were also $.99.  
I ♥ thrifting.

They had a wax museum for the entire 6th grade.  You went into each classroom and the desks were lined up in a maze so you could go listen to each student.  Our dear, sweet, amazing Principle listened to every..single..6th each of their desks.  Amazing is an understatement.

Cassidy did an awesome job and even though she doesn't look it in this picture, she had fun and will always remember this day.  As will I. We are so proud of her!!!  6th grade is awesome so far - (except I still wish this would have been about our Founding  Fathers instead.......)

 Some of the kids really went all out and got crazy with their costumes. I had to snap a picture of this kid in a different class.  Can you believe that head piece?  WOWZA!!


Jennifer said...

She should come by and see my pictures of Egypt... I went a few years ago! :)

Anny said...

She is a doll. And love the bargains. $.99 wow! Cute shoes

amandackost said...

Can we borrow for halloween?