Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm Losing My Mind........

That's what my friend Ashley said on facebook a couple of weeks ago and I gotta tell you.....I'm losing my mind too.  I can't seem to remember everything I need to do, or what people have said, dates elude me and if I don't write it down forget it!

Here's embarrassing moment #743 - you know I like to share when I make a fool of myself so here you go....

The other night I went in to take a bath.  I was cold, my body hurt (darn arthritis came back with the cold front) and I was tired after a long day.  I started the water then went out to help Abby get ready for bed.  Then I cleaned up the dinner dishes because after my bath I wasn't going to want to do anything but crawl into bed.  Then I went in to look up something on the computer for Cassidy and of course got side tracked and checked e-mail, blogs and tumblr.  La, la, la I'm in my own little world when AHA!!!!!!

I remembered the bath water!

I go running in the bathroom and's flooded.  I always put a washcloth over the top drain so the water can fill to the very top which also doesn't let the water drain when it gets too full.  Hence why my bathroom was now flooded.

Oh boy was I in trouble!  I don't think I have relived the time I broke the water line in our old bathroom and flooded the entire house because Tom had to go out and dig a hole to find our shut off valve.  Yeah, ask me about that one it's gooood. 

Anyway, Tom was in the next room watching TV so I was trying to clean it up before he found out.  Abby came in and started helping me and we used every towel in the house.  Luckily it hadn't seeped into my closet or into the bedroom yet but it was close!  We were about to take the wet towels into the laundry room when Cass came in and said she was going to go tell dad.  I had to threaten the little stinker because lets face it, I didn't want Tom to think I was an airhead.  I do have some dignity even though truth be told I am an airhead♥

Everything got cleaned up, put away, towels got washed, Tom never knew and all was well.  By the way....I didn't get my bath that night.  After all that work I was more than ready for bed.
(photo via tumblr - i wish it was my bathroom)

Fast forward to the next morning.  I get Tom and the girls up and out the door for work and school and I go in to finally take my bath.  I did not leave the room.  Nope.  I was not going to get distracted again.  I got my tea, a few magazines a nice clean towel and got in.  The water was only half way filled so I started reading my magazine.  I found a very interesting article on who knows what and was reading to my hearts content when I looked over and the. tub. was. overflowing. onto. the. floor. AGAIN while I was sitting in it.

Ashley, I think I may win on the "losing my mind" contest.  Good thing I had a whole pile of  dry towels to clean up my bathroom again!

Anyone got a story they want to share to make me feel better?

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Kristi said...

Haha I love it! I could totally see me doing that. A related story...I don't remember why but for some reason I left the sink running and got in the shower. Max was playing in the bathroom & started pointing over to my sink. I had no idea what he was pointing at until I turned of the shower & heard water still running. Crap! It had overflowed the sink & run into the cabinet below. See, you're not the only one!