Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer is here in full swing!  My kids wont stay out of the pool and their bellies can not be kept full.  I see I am going to have to come up with a lot of snack ideas and ways to get them to drink more water.  In one week their lips are so chapped and their poor little faces are dry and cracking from the chlorine and sun. 

A typical day here at Gardenview Cottage:

wake up late....because I am a HUGE fan of sleeping in as long as possible (wink)
eat breakfast
summer homework (math, typing, reading)
watch T.V.
fall into bed exhausted

I've got to come up with some other fun activities to get my kids out of the pool.  Ha Ha!

p.s. I just got Cass the.cutest.swim.suit.EVER! She tried it on and it was so darling I left her in the dressing room and went to go get one for me to try on.  Ummmm  It just didn't look the same on me as it did on her.  Let's just say we left the store with one swimsuit instead of two.

p.s.s Tom comes home today from a week at Scout Camp (he is the leader of the 14-15 yr old boys at our church).  Can't wait to hear how it all went!

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