Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer School at Home

We here at Gradenview Cottage will be doing Summer School at home.  I want my kids to be ahead of the game when school starts so they can enjoy school and not feel lost or intimidated.  I'm sure that will still happen a little (it always does) but if they go into school feeling confident in reading, writing, typing and math well...all the better.

So some friends and I have asked around, done some research and found some amazing sites that we will be using Monday- Thursday mornings to keep our brains in tip-top shape.  Are you ready for them?

Khan Academy.  I just learned about this site last week.  Oh how I wish I had know about it all those nights Tom was at school and I was helping Cassidy with her homework!!  It would have saved me many times over.  Watch the video and hopefully you will be as impressed as I am.  It can teach you anything and everything in short 12 min videos.  Perfect!

Book Adventure-This is a reading program like we have at our school.  You read a book then take a short quiz on that book and earn points.  This site says you can win prizes once you have earned enough points.  Things like e-books, activity books, a candy bar, Highlights Magazine Etc.    I need follow up on the directions and start this with my kids next week.  I told my girls about it today and they have already picked out a book to read.  Yippee!  it's working already!

Here's a fun thing to make for your early readers.  It's a PVC pipe telephone that you read into very softly so you don't disturb those around you can hear yourself perfectly!  I know that my Amberly loves to read out loud but sometimes.....well we would rather her not.  This is perfect!  (of course these are her teachers but they are on the list for me to make for my kids and my nieces and nephews).  p.s. this picture was taken on the water party day.  i would never let Abby wear this to school.

Dance Mat Typing - This is Amberly's favorite site to play on.  Well she likes Webkins but this is her favorite learning site.  It has typing games to help her learn to type.  I've got to tell you, for a 2nd grader and only 7 that girl can type as fast as I can and can text faster than I can. 

My neighbor told me about an Art School here locally that I am going to go check out next week.  Cassidy loves art and can draw like nobodies business.  I want to see if we can't find someone who can hone her natural talent.

We are also going to continue voice lessons and piano lessons which should keep us pretty busy around here.  If you have some other learning sites that you love please share!


Erin said...

Thanks for posting this Cara. At our house in the summer we do "mommy school." I am excited to add these to the usual workbooks. I'm not sure I spelled usual correctly. Maybe I'll jump on over to the khan website to learn how to spell!

Tiffany said...

I love this Cara! It makes me feel more normal! ;) I'm trying to do reading time with the kids every day, piano practice, and I got two great computer games from Amazon that the kids are loving. One is a spanish program (they have spanish classes at their school, so I want them to keep up on that) and the other is typing. I'm still trying to fine tune the schedule, but that's what we're working on. I'm needing something for math though... anyway, thanks for posting!

Mardi said...

A great math site is I started using it when Payton was struggling with math. Emails are sent to parents email address with updates on their scores.

Megan said...

We've been using the khan academy for about 3 weeks. We love it!
I tell everyone with in ear shot about it because it is so cool. Good idea posting it on your blog.