Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Good / Bad

Top 10 Things That are Good and Bad Around Here

1. Bad- Since the kids have gone back to school they have been able to go out to recess twice - 2 times - dos - Due to the heat the kids are stuck inside which is not only hard on the kids but oh those poor teachers!  I guess if we lived where it rained or snowed a lot it would be the same thing.  It's just wrong to look out the window at a beautiful sunny day (even though it's blasted hot) and not be able to go out and enjoy it. (we have been on a heat advisory for more than a week - yes, it's that hot. 
2. Bad - I got a massage tonight and the guy literally breathed on me for most of the massage.  I can not tell you how gross and disturbing this was.  Makes me gag just thinking about it.  He totally ruined a good massage and I will never go back to that guy again.
3. Bad - I'm getting sick.  Again...how is it even possible that germs can live in heat like this? 
4. Bad - Because of #3 I am grouchy, in a funk and my body hurts.
5. Good - I helped Brooke organize her pantry and food closet.  I came home completely motivated to organize my pantry and laundry room. 
6. Good - I went to the grocery store on Monday and spent $81.80, bought 76 items and saved....$140.58!  I love shopping with coupons. 
7. Good - Tom came home tonight.  He has been gone a lot this week and we sure missed him.  It's not the same when he isn't around.
8. Good/Bad - due to the heat and me not feeling good I have not had an appetite.  This is good for my waistline but bad for my family who would love to have a nice healthy well balanced dinner instead of cold cereal or mac & cheese. Sorry about that family.
9. Good - the girls and I cleaned the garage this weekend while Tom was out of town.  I loaded up the back of my car with a bunch of stuff to take to Good Will and I can now go out there without hurting myself or feeling claustrophobic.  (and yes it was very hot while we cleaned which should earn us more bonus points)
10. Super Good - I just found out that the pictures I took of Berkeley (my nephew) and then deleted off the computer have been restored!  I have the best computer guy.  What a relief! I have been sick out it for weeks!

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robin said...

the same thing happens here with recess. my kids have only gone outside a couple times, too!