Friday, August 26, 2011

Insta-Friday Pics

I ♥ this Insta-Friday business.  I ♥ taking funny pictures with my phone while I'm out and about and I ♥ sharing them with you.  Plus, Jeannet is pretty darn funny.  I giggle when I read her posts.  And she has twin girls...I always wanted twin girls...(jealous).  Anywhoo - join up if you want to.  You can post pictures on your blog then link up over on Life Rearranged .  Everyone's doing it.  HA!

 Are you sick of cloud pictures yet.  Sorry about that...I just ♥ them so.

 I saw a cute girl wearing this dress.  I couldn't stop thinking of said dress.  
I was in Anthropology looking for a tea towel and saw that very dress!  
I tried on the dress.  It was so cute!  
I couldn't bring myself to pay what they were asking. 
I left the store sad and wish I would have just bought the darned thing.
 The girls got feathers in their hair for school.  Please help me.
(Do you ♥ the tatted arm putting them in?  What kind of Mother am I?) - you are the BEST!

 Why, Hello there! - A little self portrait in the car waiting for the bus.  A little close?

 We just can't get enough of dancing over here. 

Why yes, that is 5 gallons of Sweet Baby Ray's.  And yes, I did think about buying it!

Did you take any pictures this week?  


The Cisneros Family! said...

A) TJ Maxx is the best, and B) those little ladies dancing are so cute!

Mardi said...

All three girls and myself have little feathers in our hair. We have been putting them in and changing colors since spring time. They are fun and not a permanent thing which I like. I have quite a collection of hair feathers now. I even bought the tools to do it myself. So easy and the girls love them.

Anonymous said...

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