Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Top 10 Tuesday

1.  I read an article that talking to one another is going to go out of style.  People can't be bothered with the phone or having visitors stop by to say hi.  Texting and e-mail are the preferred correspondence.  I sure hope that isn't true.  I would much rather talk on the phone, get a real paper letter in the mail, or go visit a friend any day of the week.

2. Khon Academy is saving my hide. Cassidy is in Jr. High and the math she has to do while I'm sure is easy, I have no recollection of ever learning that stuff.  We used that site during the summer to keep the girls minds frsh and I'm using it now to help Cassidy and I do Jr. High Math.  The videos are a life saver!

3.  Our Electric bill was $420. last month.  EEEK!  It's never been that high.  $300 yes, but never close to $400.  I'm getting nervous because this month was a hottie too and I'm sure the bill will be another doozy!  I'm going to call an A/C guy to come see if I have a leak somewhere.

4.  I am missing the Monterey Bay Fog.  I would trade in 114 degrees for fog right this very minute!

5.  I did my visiting teaching and it's only the 23rd.  My partner is the new Relief Society President so I'm sure I will be going every month.  Good thing too since that is on my 40 before 40 list.  Here's the lesson if you want to read it.  It was a good one this month!  A Society of Holy Women.

6.  I have been organizing the office and PAPERWORK has been on the to-do list.  I went through all three file drawers and got rid of two BIG black garbage bags full of papers and one BIG black garbage bag full of shredded documents.  Good thing Miss Abby likes to shred.  She saved me tons of time!  I have the prettiest file drawers now ☺

7.  I have no idea what I'm making for dinner.  My friend Kim had dinner ready to go by 10am this morning.  It's now 3:38 and I've got nothing, nada, zip.

8.  I finally figured out Google Reader.  Six years of blogging and I just finally found the love.  I'm back to reading blogs again instead of spending all my time on Pinterest.

9.  I'm in the mood to take a class.  Any photography classes out there that you know of?

10. Bunko in two weeks and I have the cutest prizes to give away!  Thanks Brooke, Paige and Bridget for the advice.

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Webb Family said...

I had to take note I have so much to say, HA! Missed you today sorry I had to get more school stuff for Kelsey.
Thanks for the math tips. Kelsey struggles too & I'm no help & never got pass basic math. Thank goodness Cody gets it but we will have to check that out.
Our SRP bill was highest it has ever been too but I just got our next one & it's way low, not sure what's going on.

By the way you were the best visiting teacher ever. Remember that is how we met:) Oh sorry so long, I should just call you.