Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fun Wednesday

Today was so fun!  Just what I needed.  However the day was far too short and the fun ended way too soon.  But, I'm not dwelling on that.  I still have happy thoughts in my head and a smile on my face.

What we did:
My fav girls (Mindy, Monica & Brooke) and I went to Last Chance - right when it opened!  Madness I tell ya!  It's like Black Friday shopping but it happens everyday!  There is pushing and hoarding and sometimes, someone will tell another person they are crazy but we won't mention that.  We got running shoes and Tom's in every color and we even bribed a nice lady to buy some of our shoes (there's a 3 pair limit).  Girls and shoes...we just can't help ourselves.

We then went to a fabulous funky, urban chic overpriced place for lunch and it was amazing!  Then because we were in Phoenix and right by Brooke and I's favorite shops we poked around and found some more treasures.  I love treasures!  Pictures on Friday I promise!

Thanks girls for the fun and the shoes ♥

Happy Leap Year!  Disneyland is open 24 hours today!  How fun is that?!

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Mardi said...

What is last chance? Am I going to have to visit this place when I visit this summer?