Thursday, March 8, 2012


My house is a disaster.  Every room I walk by I see....stuff......everywhere.    Things like headbands, dirty socks, cups half full with water or juice or who knows what, shoes, papers, books and more everyday stuff.

I'm overwhelmed.  I can't find the balance between all my housewifey duties and my work wifey duties.   Maybe I will maybe I won't, who knows but for now I need to figure out a way to keep things in check around here.

Do you feel like this sometimes?


Mardi said...

Everyday. When Payton was little I had a housekeeper that came once a week. SHE WAS WORTH EVER PENNY!!!!! She moved shortly after Addi was born. I would do that again in a heart beat if I could find the right person. Maybe you could get someone to come in and clean the stuff you absolutely hate a couple of times a month. It is well worth it!!!!

Lori ~ LL-K said...

Sometimes I feel the same way not sure where to put myself!! Ü