Friday, March 2, 2012

InstaFriday Pics


Is this a whole lotta Diet Coke and lime goodness or what?

 I had the water filter guy come clean and fix our R/O water filter.  
Our ice-cubes were hollow and we had zero water pressure.  
Plus, the city water here is plain-ol-discusting!  These are the filters he took out.  
Like I said - disgusting!  He got us all hooked up and now......
we have solid delicious ice-cubes and water!


Dillards have the cutest eater dresses and purses for little girls!  It was so hard to say no to Abby!


Went to lunch in with the girls on Wednesday.  
This was their list of seasonal fruits, vegetables and meats they use on their menu.  
They only use fresh and it was YUM! Plus how cute is this chalkboard and writing?

**instafriday pics are a way to get the pictures off your phone and seen.  
Plus it's fun to take pictures with the retro camera app on my phone**

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