Tuesday, March 6, 2012

TOMS for Tom's Girls

 Are "TOMS" the thing where you live?  It seems everyone is wearing them in every possible color you can imagine.  I wasn't too thrilled with them when they first came out.  I thought they were ugly but......they grow on you and they are sooooooooo comfortable!  So we have jumped on the TOMS bandwagaon and have a few pairs.  Cass and I can share which is nice.  There are other brands like BOBS & TODS (Abby is wearing a very worn pair of BOBS in this picture) but since their daddy is named Tom we kinda like the shoe TOMS.  Don't forget that every time you buy a pair of TOMS the company donates a pair of shoes to a needy child.  One for One is their slogan.

My cousin Lisa came for a visit from Idaho and said she just had to have a pair to take home.  She loves coming to AZ and going home with the latest thing we have going on here.  I had a pair of grey TOMS that were a little big so guess what.....she went home sporting some TOMS.  I wonder how they went over with her friends?  I promise Idaho friends....you will grow to love them!  Try them on.....you'll see♥

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Lisa said...

Toms! Ha, ha :) They are the ugliest, comfy shoes I have. I haven't seen any Toms in ID yet but it is still cold-ish here.