Sunday, June 24, 2012


The girls over at Lolly Jane were so nice when they came over to visit.  I've know those cuties for, 13, since they were teenagers.  Now they are all grown up and have their own families and they also have the cutest and craftiest blog around:

They brought their camera and their sonic drinks and took pictures of my house.  A little embarrassing (I house?) but a whole lot of fun.  They are so funny and gracious and have darling kiddos.  Their sister Sandee came too so it was defiantly a big-ol-party over here.

I feel honored to have been featured on their blog.  And am working on an ottoman tutorial as we speak.  I guess the ottoman was the major talk on the blog.  Who knew?  I should have that up tomorrow for ya' all.

You can go see the HOME TOUR HERE if you want. Thanks again K&K&S for stopping by.  I had a blast!


Lolly Jane said...

So glad! We love Gardenview Cottage!!!! :)

Lisa said...

You're famous! It was only a matter of time really.