Friday, June 28, 2013


life rearranged 

Today is Insta-Friday!
Where I post pictures from the week that I captured from my phone.
Little everyday tidbits that come up that aren't planned.
Also, my sweet Aunt doesn't have instagram so this way she can stay up-to-date. ♥

I like to decorate my mantle for the different holidays. 
 It makes it seem less overwhelming to only have to decorate a small space.  
And my kids think I'm the greatest even though I'm cheating with very little effort.

 Last year I was in my favorite thrift store and I found the little drummer boy above.  
Is he not perfect?  I couldn't believe my luck!  
And he was all of $2.95

The magnet board is hanging over my couch.  It holds a lot of different things throughout the year.  
I just took all the graduation announcements off and put up the 4th of July freebie from pinterest.  
If you click HERE it will take you to endless 4th of July Printables.  

The space picture was painted with spray paint by Cassidy in art class.  It's pretty amazing.

After swimming all morning on Monday we took the kids to Iceburg
 for the biggest milkshakes you have ever seen!  
Word to the wise, only order the mini or you may be in trouble. 
 I love that our family lives close and that my kids can grow up near cousins. 

Our chickens are laying everyday.
We get lucky a lot with double yokers.
on Instagram you can click on #iseefaces
and it will show the most amazing photo's that people post of random everyday things with faces.
Try it.  You will be amazed.  
I did that with this photo because I saw a face.  
You can also click HERE on your computer to get a glimpse of some good ones.

Yesterday I was catching up on some computer work and it was Just Miss Abby at home.  
So she crafted and I worked and it was a win-win.

This is what she made.
Gumball necklaces.  
She used a small screwdriver to make the holes then used a large needle to feed the ribbon through.
She made several in different colors.  My favorite was the red, white & blue.

Go ahead join in.  
Go post your instapics over on Life Rearranged and make some new friends while your at it.

p.s. my instagram page is private but I would love to have you follow me.  
Don't be shy.  Follow me and I'll let you in. 

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Work it Mommy said...

Your mantel looks great! Kuddos. I would love to one day raise chickens! So cute! (Are the eggs just to die- for?!) Found you through InstaFriday link up :)
Whitney @