Monday, February 22, 2016

All The Love

We have been blessed with so many people visiting, calling, helping our family and Tom.  My heart is full with the amount of love showered onto our family.  It amazes me how people in the midst of their busy lives take the time to come see us, send us words of encouragement through texts or a phone call here or there.  Thank you thank you! Our hearts are very full!

#1 Dallin and Tom in matching outfits (unplanned).
#2 Tom & David B. He came to make sure everything Tom was doing was "normal" after some brain trauma.  He made me feel so much better!
#3 Mike and Tom filling out paperwork at a doctor appointment.  I was silently laughing while they painstakingly analyzed every survey question.  It was obvious they have never sat and filled out endless paperwork at the doctor fro sick kids etc.  Seriously it was so funny! (wives - you get this right?)
#4 Tom and his Mama.  Sweetness.

#1 Tom getting wheeled into surgery.
#2  Tom's cool scar!
#3  The pain scale
#4  Our super cute/fun nurse Janice in the O.R.  She was the one that would go into all the O.R. rooms and find out what the updates were.  She was amazing!  We were instant BFF's!  Mainly because we had to be there twice.

#1  Tom had a room full of pretty ladies one day.  His room was always full of visitors!
#2  Tom, his mom and his brother Keiske
#3  The whiteboard the girls wrote love notes on. (and a curse word)
#4  Partners in crime.  Right before surgery. 

#1  Tom holding baby Lindi.
#2  Tom and Ralph Willit after surgery
#3 Tom's "life coach" is what we call Deland. 
#4  Tom and his sister Elena taking a selfie.

We are so blessed to have such great friends!  I wish I had taken more pictures of all of us in the waiting room of the O.R. for two days.  We filled that up with friends, family, laughter, games, coloring, bitmoji making, food and treats.  I think those have been my most favorite days even though they were the hardest.

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