Sunday, January 21, 2007

Cold, Cold and Some Uplifting Inspiration

Saturday we had a fun day with the girls. We drove out to Anthem (which is about 30 miles away)to go see what they had at the Nike outlet store. Well, 5 hours later we came home to a very cold house. It has been so cold here and now it seems our heater isn't working. The 1st thought that went through my head was, "did I pay the bill?" I thought I had, so I panicked a little bit. I checked my bank online and I checked the gas co. web site. Yep, I had in deed paid the bill. Whew! Ruled that one out! I then checked the hot water - also on gas- to see if that was working. Yep, I even ran the dishwasher (because I had forgotten to turn it on before we left) and we still had hot water. So that leaves me cold and not knowing what to do. We called our neighbor and he when came he thought maybe it was our thermostat. I will have to call a repairman tomorrow because I am FREEZING! Last night we all slept under piles of blankets and kept nice and toasty. Today we came home from church and changed our clothes so fast because we were so cold. Now, it is only 42 outside and inside it's 63 so don't worry, we wont die or anything. I told the girls that I grew up without a heater and we were fine! I took a picture of the girls watching a movie with Tom in our bed. Cassidy must have 5 sweatshirts on. She's a little over the top!

I was reading some blogs this morning and everyone is so creative! I kind of makes me want to be more creative. It's fun to see what real girls are doing and how their lives aren't that much different than mine. We all have our duties - laundry, cooking, cleaning, tending to the families needs etc, but to see how each one spends her "free" time is a little motivating. I need to turn off the T.V. and get some of these projects I have been needing to do - done! I also wish I had the courage to post a comment on these blogs that I read. I'm not sure what blogging ettiquate is, so I'm not sure if I am supposed to make myself "known" or just be a silent reader. If anyone knows the correct way to post comments, please let me know!

My goal at book club is to open the girls eyes to blogging and get my own little blogging buddy system going. We have become so busy and our ward has been split that we don't get to see each other but once a month. I would love to be inspired by these friends on a day-to-day basis. It's so much fun to check a blog and see a new post! I hope I can pass this enthusiasm on. Cross your fingers, mine are along with my toes and legs and eyes. Ha, Ha!

Question of the day:
Things, that inspire me are other peoples creative actions, a cute idea in a magazine, good music, and uplifting conversations.

What are some things that inspire you?


Shanna said...

Hey girl! There is no such thing as bad blogging etiquette. Unless of course you are being nasty to the blog owner or something. LOL Just post anything you want to that is friendly, uplifting, complimentary, informative...whatever! People enjoy getting and reading their comments! I know I do! So glad you have a blog now so I can peek in on your cute little family! I have missed ya'll! ~Shanna

Shanna said...

Oh and I meant to say that Music inspires me! I swear I am brought to tears every Sunday in church just by the music alone. It reaches the depths of my soul somehow.....cheesy but true. Oh and you inspire me Cara! You always have! hugs!