Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Shopping, Sick and Sympathy

Well now I know why they say to write in your journal everyday. When you don't, a lot of things happen and then you have to cram a bunch of stuff all together. It doesn't make for an interesting post, but I'll try anyway.

Saturday was fun for me because Tom stayed home with the kids (he's still not feeling good) and I went shopping for some stuff to finish a bunch of "unfinished" projects. I even stopped off at my favorite store Domestic Bliss (http://www.domesticblissdesign.com) for some inspiration. That was a joy let me tell you! They have the most beautiful things in there. I wish I could spend money and not feel guilty about it. I would be their favorite customer for sure!!! Monica once asked me "if I had $500 would I spend it on lots of little things or one big thing?" I of course said "lots of little things." She of course said "one big thing!" I need to work on that I guess because I for sure do not need any more "little things" around this house!

After such a fun day, Sunday was misery. I didn't feel good at all. My body ached and my throat was swelling up. I stayed in bed all day and night with a high fever, and lower back pain that made me not stand up strait. On top of all that my head felt like it weighed 100 pounds and I couldn't even watch T.V. Misery!

Monday I went right to the Dr. and he said I had a kidney infection (which scares me a little since I am on so many medications. I don't want to hurt those kidneys!). He gave me drugs, gotta love those drugs! Hopefully they will make me feel better soon. Yesterday I was a little better but still weak and tired.

I have to say that this little sickness made me realize that I am not very sympathetic to my family when they are sick. Sad but true. You would think I would be since my body hurts all the time and my Mom was the best Nurse Nancy when we were sick. But no, I am not. I will have to add to my new years list of resolutions to be more compassionate to my family and treat them with lots of love and service when they are sick. Because if they feel like I felt they will need all the love and help they can get!

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Jennifer said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better and I'm so excited about your blog! I will give you a formal introduction to my blogging friends too so they can meet you and your family. BTW-my New Year's card is on the way...finally!