Saturday, February 17, 2007

A Day To Remember

Fun Friday was.........not fun. For some reason Abby was very hard to deal with. She was good in the car while Mindy and I took turns at Leland's office (getting our backs cracked with a side of therapy-I'll post about that tomorrow). When we left there we had about 45 min until everyone met for lunch. I think her and Cole had had about enough at this point. Once we got out of the car she was all over the place! Granted she had been buckled in her car seat for a good hour and a half and I would be ready to run too. During lunch at Crackers & Co. I somehow got stuck at the end of the table and Abby took up most of my time so I couldn't hear a word that was going on. Depressing to say the least. I did have a conversation with Aimee about how being a parent is HARD! When the kids are little it's physically hard. Sleepless nights, changing diapers, clothes and cleaning up baby messes. Carrying around a baby for 2 years on your hip where ever you go. Plus a diaper bag, car seat and everything that goes along with that. However, when the kids get older being a parent is mentally and emotionally hard. You worry more, the kids worry more and have to figure out their little lives without us being there every minuet. Plus you have to juggle all the activities they are involved in. That is hard on everyone involved! No wonder my Dad did more things with us when we were little-it was easier!

After lunch we went to get oranges at Monica's secret orange place. Abby and Cole thought this was fun. They got to taste the sweet oranges and see the bees making honey. ( I didn't take a picture darn it!) On the way home I was so tired. Partly because I had stayed up so late the night before, partly because I did all the driving, and mostly because I wrestled Abby all day trying to entertain her, control her and keep her happy and quiet. When I got home I asked Tom to please, please, please watch her next Friday so I could go alone. I can't handle another bad fun Friday. I look forward to it so much!

That night we had our annual Valentine dinner at Tom's parents house. Margie always does a nice job of making dinner, decorating and having us all together without the kids. We started playing a new game called Loaded Questions. Leave it to Craig and Elena to bring the good games. It was really fun and I think Tom's Dad had the most fun! He was being a little comedian!!!! He is usually the quiet church mouse but not last night!!! It was good to see him having laughing and razzing everyone!!! Too bad we had to end early and go home. It was already past 10pm and we told our babysitter 9:30pm. We will definatly have to play that again.

So even though the day was hard, it was something to remember. I need to focus on the positive and not the negative. However, my back is still in spasms and I am dead tired - sometimes the negative overrules the positive!

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