Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Scripture Power

Today I was talking to Jeni D (as I call her - Jen Vu to the rest of the world), it was so fun talking to her! It's like we were 18 again, but definitely more mature (he-he). She taught me some great tricks on how to use this blogger thing better and she told me I should post this experience about Cassidy.

I am lucky enough to be able to work in Cassidy's 2nd grade class every 2 weeks. It's nice because I get to know the kids, the routine and her teacher. Mrs. Workman is wonderful. No.....she's MAGICAL! I wish I could go to her class everyday it's so much fun! If she had been my teacher I probably would have liked school a whole lot better!

We are having a meeting on the 12th for Cassidy's learning disability. They will tell us what's wrong, and what needs to be done. I'm excited because I want to be able to help her love to read like we do. Last week when I was in the classroom I was talking to Mrs. Workman and asking her if I should sign up Cassidy to be transferred to the new traditional school that is being built. I thought it might help her reading to have that type of teaching and structure. She told me that if I did that I would be taking away everything Cassidy loves and is good at. Art, music, the whole creative side of learning. If I took those things away, it would make her hate school. We need to keep her liking school so she doesn't get frustrated. Good point! Mrs. Workman has a piano in her classroom and teaches her kids all kinds of things through music, plays, poems, and painting. That wouldn't be happening at the new school. We talked a little more about that and then she turned to me and looked me right in the eye with such seriousness and said, "Cara, I know for a fact that if you read the scriptures every night with Cassidy she will learn to read. I know this because I have seen two of my children struggle with learning and overcome it by reading the scriptures." How's that! Awesome or what! Now she is LDS and knows we are LDS and have had many discussions about church, and adoption, and our lives. The best part is I told her that about 5 months ago, Tom said the same thing! This is when we were reading the Book of Mormon about 3-4 times a week (when he's home)and Cassidy is reading one verse which takes about 15 min! Painful. However, since about November we have read every night and Cassidy IS reading better! She IS reading faster! She IS reading signs, the guide on the T.V. , the cereal box, and all kinds of little things. She IS understanding what she reads! It's happening, slowly, but it's happening. She even spent all afternoon yesterday making us each a valentine with pictures of hearts and a BIG I LOVE YOU on the inside. The amazing thing was what she wrote on the front.(in her words)

Theings about Cara Jane Steele,

she is nike.

you are cuet.

you are speshil Mom.

I love you.

This is a milestone! She wrote one to Tom and Abby, all very similar. I was so proud of her! Plus, her handwriting is amazing!

This makes me think of the song "Scripture Power" that the kids sing in primary:
Scripture power, keeps me safe from sin,
Scripture power is the power to win!
Scripture power, everything I need,
The power that I get each time I read!
So, I guess this goes to show you that what ever your conflict -even learning how to read can be overcome by reading the scriptures daily. I know this will work, I've already seen the miracle and I can't wait to see how much Cassidy will love to read!

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