Monday, February 5, 2007

Closet Makeover, A sicky and a Fresh Air Freak

These pictures are a before and after:

Poor, poor Cassidy. She came home from her trip to Missouri with the flu. She has spent the whole day in the bathroom. I feel so bad for her. She keeps asking why her tummy hurts. I haven't given her any Pepto until she went to bed 15 min. ago. I wanted this flu to get out of her little system as fast as possible. She's been a trooper all day even if she has felt miserable. I kind of like it when she's sick (sometimes) She needs me, she lets me hold her and love her and she wants me by her. That's rare, it's usually Dad who gets all the love. So even though I'm sad she's sick - I'm happy that I got to pamper her today.

So, my Monday was spent doing laundry, organizing Tom's side of the closet, tending to a sick chick and tending to a crazy chick. Abby does keep me busy - she needs to be doing something 24/7. If I don't have something for her to do, she gets creative and sometimes that's not such a good thing.

Today was so nice outside(82) that I had her painting, jumping and playing outside most of the day. We had all the windows and doors open to let the sunshine in. I'm a fresh air freak. I NEED fresh air. I can't stand A/C air, or heater air. It's so refreshing to be able to open the windows. It must be the Californian in me. Or the claustrophobic. Fresh air is definitely a must, a need and a want. I can't live without it.
(Ha, Ha - can anyone live without it???)

By the way, what are you supposed to do with all the hangers that accumulate from the dry cleaners? They don't want them back...I've tried. I feel bad throwing them away, and I don't need a hundred wire hangers in my closet. I only use plastic so they pile up fast!