Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Today was a very long and busy day:

1. got up after sleeping with two little girls in my bed
2. got them both ready for school by myself
3. Tom had gone to work early......6am yuck!
4. Got me ready for the day while girls were eating breakfast
5. took Cassidy to school
6. came home, got the house ready for Josie-it's been two weeks and it was dirty!
7. took Abby to pre-school
8. ran errands- returned a few things, bought a few things, organized a few things
9. picked Abby up then sent her to Garretts to play - thanks Pam
10.had lunch- I was so hungry I felt like I was going to throw up
11. stopped at Target, bought things I didn't need but wanted anyway
12. came home, made cupcakes, service coupons and a crossword puzzle on the 2nd article of faith for the Activity Day Girls that were coming to my house at 5:15
13. Pam brought Abby AND Cassidy home at 4:15 - thanks Pam, again
14. got the girls snacks, helped Cass with her homework, tried to keep an over tired Abby calm
15. Katie got dropped off to play
16. Left to take Cass, Katie, Chantel, Kayla, Mallory to A-Days
17. came home to find my A-day girls waiting for me - oops
18. Had a nice hour with 9, nine year old's
19. made dinner - spaghetti w/ meatballs, and asparagus. It's what I had on hand.
20. bathed the girls while dinner was cooking
21. ate dinner, got the girls in bed, and thought I was done for the night...........................

Nope, my little Abby who is the best sleeper ever was wide awake! My Mom would have said "someone put a quarter in her!" meaning she was all wound up! And yes she was! I could not get her to settle down, she was all over the place. This is my girl who begs to go to bed at 5pm and I have to tell her "No!" she has to wait. I seriously don't know what happened to her. Anyway, I finally left her alone and told her not to come out of her room. Finally after about an hour - 10pm two hours after her normal bedtime(so unlike her) I didn't hear anything. Yeah! She's gone to sleep. I finished watching a few shows and went to bed. I wish my camera wasn't out in the car so I could have taken a picture.

I checked on Cass - out cold - snoring - dead to the world as always
I checked on Abby - her door was locked?????
I opened the door
She was asleep in her bed with the covers all nice and neatly pulled up like I had made the bed with her in it. - she is a neat freak
But wait, what is that in her bed?????
SHOES!!!! SHOES!!!!! MY SHOES!!!!!!
six pairs of my shoes were snuggled up right next to her, under the covers. She even had her arm around one. I new this girl had a shoe thing going on, but this tops the cake!
I'm in trouble here
What possessed her to go into my closet six times and get a pair of shoes to take to bed?
I mean one pair.....maybe
but SIX????????
and what made her stop at six?????

Anyway, like I said I wish I had a camera, but I think you get the picture.
I'll have to ask her about it tomorrow.
I'll let you know

one more thing about the little Abb-ster, she thought this comment by Garrett was so funny and kept repeating it all day:

"this has been the best day ever!"

I think that is so cute!!!!!
Even after the little booger stole my shoes.

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Brooke said...

She cracks me up! I would have loved to see a picture. You were one busy chick. We need to get together, I haven't seen you forever.